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The god of blood. The blood drake. He who creates.
Languages: Elven
Region: East
Ritual: Sculpting, Sacrifice
Head of Religion: Yaen, the Blood Drake
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Yaen, the epitome of bloodshed, strength, and creation; a molder of clay whose riddled words create life from statues. A drake -- a mountain that towers over all else, claimant to the lands underneath where Sol shows no power. He is worshipped as the God of Blood, forming his progenies known as Blood Elves through unmatched wisdom and knowledge; spawns of their blood.The sun ascends, The Blood-Drake takes wing, The fires extinguish.


​ From past telling, the lands of Enarion stood wretched by war. They fought over the pettiest of things; some fought for power and wealth whilst others fought for love. This came with the rise of revolutionists and retributionists, seeking to reclaim their lands from usurpers. Once kith to the mighty Elven Kingdom, an estranged family of elves were cast aside due to their supremacist views. They fought with blades of steel in order to live in a world unaccepting, and so they continued their venture to the northern mountains gelid during brumation. Many fell to frostbite, the last survivors prevailing. It was their survival and perseverance that brought them before an enclosed cavern locked away by lumps of stone. Prying away stumps with their swords, the elves sauntered in to find magnificent statues; gargoyles, pgyms and minotaurs all stood erect. They were aged, covered by moss. The last statue stood mighty, its features tormented by the sight of the Elves, as if weeping for their pathetic image of torn garbs and shabby swords. The haggard elves of Velam collapsed before the largest statue, and so Yaen felt pity for their souls.

As the sun ascends, the fires extinguish. He spreads his wings. Come. Come. Their wan flesh grew more pale, veins popping as blood streamed to the feet of those beautiful statues. It was then that the cavern’s maw fell, their complexion of white swiftly matching the darkness they stood in. For their swart flesh remained pale from the cold, their natural eyes rooted by Yaen’s blood. A mighty, cacophonous roar -- one of a drake -- rang through the mountainside. He gifted them with life, for then they were his children: the Blood Elves. As the moon descends, the fire rises. He folds his wings. Sleep. Sleep.

Rites & Rituals

Sacrifices are key to those following Yaen -- they believe sacrificial rituals will offer enough blood to the statue(s) of Yaen in order to bring him back, turning the statue into an avatar that supports them. In most cases, sacrifices can be done from oneself or from others. These will be listed below carefully. Sacrifices are usually done before wars, after wars, or during important events that dictate the future of Blood Elves.


One may sacrifice their own blood in order to please the Blood-Drake. This can be done by using a sacrificial knife and lacerating the palm, the forearm, or any part of the body that will not cause grievous wounds. Usually, the blood will be drained into a goblet (a pint) and then poured over the statue with a simple prayer (see above in the origin story, gold text). Blood Elf- Yaen sees the blood of his children as more sacred, being directly from Him. Due to this, a Blood Elf must be careful with how much they provide. Usually, less than a pint must be drained into a goblet. Any droplets of blood that fall on the ground are considered sinful in the eyes of Yaen; a waste of his blood. Similar to the sacrifice above, you then pour it over the statue. A common sacrifice to the Blood-Drake is animals. Usually, many Blood Elves will go out during wartime and hunt an animal worthy of praise for strength in the battles to come. Normally, animals such as boars, bears, and deers are appreciated. It is common practice to remove the animal of fur, to cleanly slab away meat for winters, and then - in a large basin - pool the animal's blood for a sacrifice. With this, you repeat the same prayer as above and then scoop the blood with a goblet over the statue. You must be careful when sacrificing a person; this constitutes Elves as people. Humans and Dwarves can be considered animals, thus following the rites and rituals above. To sacrifice a person, you must ensure it is - first - an enemy to the Blood Elves. Normally, these are either political enemies, warriors, or people that curse and frown at Yaen. There are several places one prepares for a live sacrifice of a person. Ensure they are bound by chains. In most cases, we grant mercy - as Yaen did to the Blood Elves - by making the death quick. Thus, a laceration to their neck would be the most painless if done quickly without requiring to hack away. This head can be placed as a warning near the shrine for heretics, or disposed of. Unlike pouring blood onto the statue, we pour the blood into flames for two reasons: to burn away the sin of the person, and also because the blood of the diseased and sinful should not touch Yaen.​

It is common practice to cover one's blade in the blood of a sacrifice (either by dipping it into the basin as stated above) or using left-over blood. Upon covering the sword in blood, you then leave the blade at the statue for one day (IRP). We do this as we believe - as the sun falls - Yaen will appear to bless our weaponry and to grant us strength. Normally, this occurs a day before a battle. It is also common practice to, in one’s free time, sculpt statues for Yaen. Much like how the Blood-Drake sculptured in the cavern where it all began, we express creative freedom - a gift from Yaen - by making sculptures of different animals, creatures and etcetera. This is done in hopes of, one day, Yaen returning to the world from his slumber and giving them life with his own blood as he did with the Blood Elves.

Prophet of Yaen


The Prophet of Yaen is considered to be the highest follower and chosen by Yaen; much like how the Blood-Drake chooses his champions and avatars, he will also select a prophet who will preach his words. Of course, there may only be one prophet at a time -- in most cases, deceased prophets are worshipped as saints who continue to guide through the blood of Yaen. In most cases, the graves of prophets are sculpted with statues in hopes of them also returning once Yaen awakens. To be accepted as a prophet, you must meet several requirements. Family - Only those of House Velam, the true descendants of Yaen and the royal blood-elves, may take the mantle of prophethood. Chosen - One must be chosen by Yaen at a shrine, usually done through a blood ritual. [Deity-Team can decide]. History - Anyone whose family heritage is riddled with crimes and sins will not be able to become a prophet, for there may only be one, and it must be someone sacred. As it is natural to follow the creeds of past prophets, a prophet holds many responsibilities. They are known for hosting sermons, ritual sacrifices, and prayers before warfare; some may also fight as battle-prophets which is considered a great risk but of highest honor, for your blood is soiled (if you die) in battle which Yaen cherishes, done in his name. In most cases, the Prophet is the seer -- he receives visions from Yaen, communicates with the deity, and works closely with the council of Blood-Elves as an advisor of religious movements. On top of this, the Prophet is responsible for the recruitment of priests and the burning of heretics. Due to the Blood-Elves being strictly patriarchal, Yaen only favors males as prophets. Once you become a prophet, you are unable to be married or conceive children; this can only be broken under the permission of the Blood-Drake.


First Blessing of Yaen [Passive] One may bless an altar to be an Altar of Yaen. At these altars they are able to receive the next blessings of Yaen and they may invoke Yaen through the statues to be the eyes of Yaen.
Second Blessing of Yaen [Passive] One is able to smell exposed blood up to fifty blocks away. It is akin to a sharp and metallic smell.
Third Blessing of Yaen [Passive One is granted fiery hot blood to raise their body heat for immunity to the cold weather.
Fourth Blessing of Yaen [Passive] The one who is blessed’s blood turns coagulated and thick so it makes it much harder for them to bleed out.
Fifth Blessing of Yaen [Active] The individual is blessed so when they injure someone they drain the life from them through their blood. When their blood is drawn it invigorates you and heals your wounds, up to an equivalent exchange. (You may heal an injury of your own that is as grievous as the one you inflicted.)