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Woodworker is one of the 7 crafting professions players can choose on FantasyRP. Their main goal is to craft items made of wood, or related to archery. This includes arrows (of varying types), bows or even fishing rods. This crafting profession is accessed through the anvil, under the woodworking tab.

It has the ability to craft bows, arrows, fishing rods and everything in-between. These all have their respective costs and experience gains.


What are its perks?

As a crafting profession, the passive perks from crafting items is the option to get a salvage craft when crafting an armoursmith related item. A salvage craft is where you can get a portion of your crafting components back.

As well as this, certain items have the chance to get a specific enchant on them:}

  • Power (bows)
  • Lure (fishing rods)
  • Unbreaking

The rate of increase (up until level 100) for the chance of getting an enchant on a crafted item.


Item List:

Weaponry Bow, Tournament Lance, Training Sword, Arrow, Poison Arrow, Barbed Arrow, Crossbow Bolt, Dragonwood Bow, Dismounting Arrow, Dragonwood Shield
Refining Dragonwood Shaft, Treated Dragonwood
Other Fishing Rod, Adept Rod, Master Rod, Dragonwood Rod, Pipe, Piano Stool, Lute

Relations to Other Professions:

Metalsmithing: Treated Dragonwood is made by woodworkers, which in turn is used for high-end metalsmithing items (mithril tools & weapons).