Tsardom of Fyrmána

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The Tsardom of Fyrmána


Capital: Nyordal
Languages: Common Tongue, Fyrnní
Demonym: Fyrmáni
Religion: Pyrzahal
Government: Absolute Monarchy
Monarch: Tsarina Katerina Dragić

The Tsardom of Fyrmána



In the ages before the great exile of the mortal races, the Fyrmáni were renowned as a proud and powerful kingdom. A great human kingdom, with its own unique faith centered on astrology and the weather, it exerted great influence and prestige across Enarion. This was all destroyed with the Calamity. One of the first victims of the calamity, the coastal Fyrmáni were largely decimated, scattered across the surviving territories and separated into disparate dimensional realms in the great exile.

For centuries, the Fyrmáni lived separate and divided in the portals. The Dragić dynasty lived on in isolation from most of the Fyrmáni, with most people forgetting and losing their practices and beliefs. When the portals reopened and the mortal races spilled back to Enarion once more, the people who still practiced even some bare semblance of Pyrzahalism and Fyrmáni traditions had dwindled down to under a hundred, with many Fyrmáni heralding from the races of elves and dwarves as well due to centuries of interbreeding and homogenization.

The Fyrmáni culture, since the Calamity and the great exile, has become largely focused on the cultural diaspora and divide they had suffered. The once-literal deification of the sun, moon, and stars had shifted over the centuries into a greater conflict between stability, change, and corruption. Many of their holidays have become largely centered around these pivotal moments of tragedy. The three-day long holiday of Bol’shanil is a mourning of the three days of death that the Kingdom of Fyrmáni had suffered by the hands of the Calamity; the two-day holiday of Poletsgo is both a celebration of the escape from the Calamity and a memorial of the great diaspora that had shattered the people and their culture. Likewise, some older holidays had managed to survive, but in largely transformed shapes among different cultures.

By the time of the reopening of the portals, most of the population of the Fyrmáni were either humans or elves, with a minority of dwarves. In 19 A.C., a sizable collection of Fyrmáni reunited, electing the current heir of the Dragić’s, Katerina Dragić, as their Tsarina.

Even before the Calamity had destroyed much of the Fyrmáni culture, their faith was already unique and rarely spread outside of the kingdom. With the population as reduced as it is now, the next High Wixen should be able to exert a large amount of influence on the future development of Pyrzahalism, should they be able to receive the approval of both the Tsarina and the goodwill of the gods.