The Scorched Wedding

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The Scorched Wedding
The Scorched Wedding.png
Date: 22nd of the Earthshine, 2 A.C.
Location: Westholm

The Scorched Wedding was the planned royal wedding of the Kingdom of Westholm between King Richard de Retford I and Lady Saoirse of House Winterskorn. The wedding was abruptly halted and postponed to a later date due to infighting.


On the 22nd of the Earthshine in the year 2 A.C., the Royal Wedding between King Richard de Retford I and Lady Saoirse of House Winterskorn was to be performed by Engarant de Corseilles, the Grand Augur who tended to the Westholm temple, along with Raymond 'the radical'. Prior to the wedding, during King Richard de Retford's coronation, Raymond 'the radical' had already spoken of ill omens surrounding the king. On the day of the wedding proceeded as planned, up until Lady Saoirse Winterskorn's vows. Suddenly, a gust of wind from a nearby storm blew out Lady Saoirse's ceremonial torch to the shock of everyone attending. Without much delay, the augurs of the Cult of the Five Divines accused Lady Saoirse of being blasphemous. They pressed her on not having the Mark of Inoculation, a religious mark burned onto the outside of the wrist of followers of the Cult. Despite Richard de Retford's attempts at intimidating the augurs into compliance by drawing his weapon, the House of Winterskorn was not satisfied. The House of Winterskorn forced their way through the Royal Guards and assaulted the augurs. It was this that led to the death of Raymond 'the radical' by the hands of Ingvar Winterskorn, followed by a post-mortem beheading. Engarant de Corseilles and Gregor 'the filthy' were then arrested and tortured, before being released some time after. The highly anticipated royal wedding was afterwards postponed.

It became publicly known after the fact that King Richard de Retford regrets the way the event unfolded. This event created heightened tensions between the Cult of the Five Divines and the House of Winterskorn.