Kaz az Hazduun

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Kaz az Hazduun
Capital: Hazduun Hall
Languages: Dwarven, Common
Demonym: Dewizim
Religion: No official faith, however worship of the Earthen Mother is common.
Social System: Oligarchy Democracy Hybrid.
Foreman: Harikoa
Overseer: Skippy Bronzebeard
Overseer: Ubbe Bloodaxe
Overseer: Torla Avliss
Overseer: Redwin Steelcog
Predecessor: KingdomOfOrdheim.png Kingdom of Ordheim

Kaz az Hazduun is a company that is settled within Dungrin's Basin, in a town called Hilltown. Situated right below the former Kingdom of Ordheim, the mission statement of Kaz az Hazduun is to reclaim lost Dwarven Holds, primarily that of Haldir-Zel (Ordheim) and the ancient Deep Hold of Khordum-Zel and its surface Halls, as well as to recover and safeguard Dwarven culture and history.


Kaz az Hazduun was formally founded in the year 22 A.C. following the banishment of the Great One. A dwarf by the name of Harikoa had established an excavation company within Dungrin's Basin with the goal of reclaiming the old city of Ordheim, having worked the land for several years prior clearing it of the remaining undead taint. It was at this time in modern Enarion history that bands of dwarves would be seen returning to the north for the first time in decades.

Excavating Ordheim would prove to not only be an exhausting job, but also a very dangerous one as well. In the year 25 A.C., creatures now known as Deep-dwellers had freed themselves from the rubble tomb of Ordheim and inflicted their acidic wrath onto the unsuspecting dwarven workers. Through valiant combat, the folk of Kaz az Hazduun managed to slay these deep-dwellers, but not without high casualties. This surprise visit by the deep-crawlers would only be the preamble for what was in store for the company later on.

With the growing size of Kaz az Hazduun, becoming an established town rather than a small company, Foreman Harikoa saw fit to hold a public Forum. In the year 28 A.C., the whole town gathered within the Forum halls and discussed many important topics for hours on end. The role of Overseer was created during this meeting, establishing leadership to aid the Foreman in managing the town. The first Overseers of Kaz az Hazduun were Ubbe Bloodaxe, Milo Mythrilpouch, Torvin Ironskin, and Skippy Bronzebeard. A position dubbed the "Voice" was also created, acting as a spokesperson for the people of Hilltown, a dwarf by the name of Skanmar holding the title. The recent deep-dweller attack as well as current town affairs were discussed, and a tradition of public Forum meetings began.

As more and more dwarves flocked back to the north, taking residence in Hilltown, Skanmar, a new Overseer of Kaz az Hazduun, held the Festival of Culture in 29 A.C. It was to celebrate the ancient traditions and new bonds formed in the north. A drinking competition was held, dwarven blacksmith items were shown off and sold, and Ubbe Bloodaxe recalled tales of old to curious listeners.

By 30 A.C., the influence of Kaz az Hazduun had grown, and the dwarves were able to reclaim their possession over the North Mines. The effects of the Northern Mine returning to dwarven possession can be felt today, with regular dwarven patrols carried out to ensure no one of non-dwarven blood are stealing what is considered to be the dwarves' birthright. However, with the growth of industry, came with pushback from a band of orcs who lived in the north as well. Later in the year 30 A.C., Hilltown was overran by the orcish brutes, with what was attempts of a peaceful negotiation turning into a bloodbath of violence. However, after numerous days of fighting, the dwarves of Kaz az Hazduun chased off the orcish horde back north. Repairs were made to the charred town, with a large effort being made to repair the main crane that had burnt down.

War had broken out amongst the Kingdom of Calendale and an alliance of nations comprised of the Kingdom of Aellen, the Estvo of Vetroy-Zapad, the Tsardom of Fyrmána, the Holy Republic of Promdor, the Triumvirate of Glarenydd and the County of Veldenz. In reaction to this, the Foreman made it known that for the duration of the war Kaz az Hazduun would be known as a 'Bastion of Neutrality' and that it would stay out of the affairs of the other nations.

While the war was being fought by the other nations, the dwarves of Kaz az Hazduun focused on their culture. In the year 32 A.C., Skippy Bronzebeard hosted a blacksmithing festival known as Makar oz Crazdwim, which translated to Market of Blacksmiths in dwarven. There was a contest for the finest smithed weapon while dwarves honed their craft with like minded blacksmiths.

To celebrate the nearing of the end of the Great Enarion War, Skippy Bronzebeard led a barcrawl across the land of Enarion. Almost all taverns in Enarion were visited and had dwarves along with anyone else who decided to come with along the way drink them dry. The barcrawl cultivated into a massive bar brawl within the Kingdom of Aellen's tavern, The Golden Light Tavern & Inn.

Although war was coming to a close to the southern nations, conflict had stirred up in Kaz az Hazduun in the year 35 A.C. A new band of humans going by the Dreki Searaiders had demanded tribute of the dwarves of Dungrin's Basin, else they would raid the settlement. This initial demand was made to the then economic Overseer Skanmar who had sought out a meeting with the Searaiders Warlord without the consultation or authorisation of Foreman Harikoa or his other Overseers, Skanmar agreeing to their demands unilaterally and made a Blood Pact with the Warlord to meet them out of his own volition and without any authority. Several days after this incident Skanmar abandoned his role of Overseer and disappeared from Kaz az Hazduun without word leaving the Foreman and his remaining Overseers to deal with the ramifications and coming bloodshed of his meeting. A month later the Dreki Warlord and his party arrived at Hilltown to collect tribute he thought Kaz az Hazduun had agreed upon, however Skippy Bronzebeard refused to pay as no true agreement had been made, and banished the Dreki from the dwarven lands. That same month, the Dreki launched a raid against Hilltown. The dwarves were caught off guard, with the Dreki slaughtering the dwarven resistance. Enraged and feeling disrespected, Skippy Bronzebeard ordered the Red Axe to bolster its armory, personnel, and trainings. In addition, a grudge was casted onto the Dreki. The following year, around 36 A.C., the dwarves carried out raid onto the Dreki town of Klibo. In a move that angered the dwarves more, the Dreki fled from their town ahead of time, leading to an easy slaughter of any civilians left unprotected by the Dreki. Fed up by the senseless bloodshed, the dwarves of Kaz az Hazduun offered terms to the Dreki Searaiders, which the Searaiders fulfilled and later peace was made in the year 37 A.C.

After the conflict against the Dreki Searaiders, many dwarves of old had returned to Dungrin's Basin. A band of dwarves under the leadership of Christ Punchsteel arrived in Hilltown to aid against the Dreki, and Skippy Bronzebeard saw it fit to aid them in their own reclamation of the ancient Delzoun Hold. They were invited to speak to Kaz az Hazduun in the Forum where they were formally thanked for their assistance in the conflict, and the Red Axe aided in the settlement of a temporary residence for the Delzoun dwarves northeast of Ordheim.


Kaz az Hazduun is located in northern Enarion, situated very close to the Estvo of Vetroy-Zapad, bordering it to the west. To the northeast lies the Tsardom of Fyrmána,

Kaz az Hazduun is located within Dungrin's Basin, southwest of the old Kingdom of Ordheim. Dungrin's Basin, and Hilltown as a result, contains a series of mountainous river valleys located in the north of Enarion. It was named after the famed dwarven hero and architect Dungrin, who was said to be the first dwarf to ever lay eyes upon the sun. The basin is surrounded on all sides by the Herzal Mountains and is the traditional surface homeland of the dewizim race on Enarion. It is also the source of the river Airon, the major river that bisects the continent.



Kaz az Hazduun is a company rather than a fully fledged nation. As a result, the settlement is led by the Foreman, currently being Harikoa. The Foreman employs a numerous amount of Overseers to aid in the running of the company. The current Overseers are Skippy Bronzebeard, Ubbe Bloodaxe, Torla Alviss, and Redwin Steelcog.