The History of Enarion

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Age of Stone

Date Unknown - The Dwarven race is created. Their creation myths state that the Dwarves were born in the deep caverns from the Earth Mother’s womb. The world is still forming when the Dwarves are created, and they spread throughout the world through underground tunnels.​

Date Unknown - The Dwarves master the Earthen Tongue, the Earth Mother’s primordial and divine language, which is written in runic. They use the magic of the Earthen Tongue to build fortresses and cities deep within the earth. ​

Date Unknown - The spoken form of the Earthern Tongue is eventually forgotten. The common Dwarven language is derived from the Earthen Tongue.​

Date Unknown - The Dwarven population of Enarion grows and begins to spread across the surface of the continent.​

Date Unknown - As each Hold grows more isolated and independent, unity between the Holds of Enarion suffers and rivalries emerge.​

Date Unknown - Upon the death of the last Underking, the royal clan is split as each of his sons takes control of their own hold and enters into a bloody feud.​

Date Unknown - The grudges between the branches of the fractured royal clan grow stronger with each generation.​

Date Unknown - Younger clans take advantage of the lack of central authority to stake out their own claims and found new mountain holds, leading to an era of expansion.

Age of Myth

0 A.L. - The first Elven expedition to Enarion makes landfall along the southern coast and begins Elven colonization of the continent. The leader of this expedition, Aenlorethier, is crowned king by the Elder Council of the First Elven Kingdom.​

1 A.L. - Young Dwarven mountain holds in the south of Enarion make contact with the Elves. Relations between the Elven settlers and Dwarven holds are initially cordial, with the surface of the southern lands still wilderness and open for Elven settlement. The Great Holds of the north are too preoccupied with their feuds to pay the Elves any mind.​

0 A.L. - 300 A.L. - The Elves are masters of magic and deal with the local spirits regularly. Their magic, technology, and deals made with spirits enable them to quickly erect many cities and temples across southern Enarion. After a few generations, most of the south is ruled by Elves. The western grasslands remain unsettled.​

410 A.L. - With little territory left for settlement in their traditional homeland, the Elves turn their attention towards conquering the local Dwarven mountain holds. The Dwarven holds of the south petition the Great Holds for support against Elven encroachment, but are ignored as the Great Holds have no resources to spare from their feuds.​

471 A.L. - The final Dwarven hold in the south falls to the Elves, who now rule all of south-eastern Enarion.​

500 A.L. - 700 A.L. - The Elven Kingdom turns its attention towards settling the wild western grasslands, beginning a period of peace and colonization that lasts several centuries.​

703 A.L. - A human fleet lands on Ynslee, a large island off the coast of western Enarion. These Humans lack knowledge of magic and how to use the runes, and live at this time as a semi-nomadic tribe.​

706 A.L. - The Elves take pity on the sorry state of the Human colony and offer to teach the Humans various forms of magic and technology in return for their servitude and vassalage. The Humans agree to the deal.​

708 A.L. - The alliance between Elves and Humans sends ripples through Dwarven society. The Great Holds fear the two races will seek to expand into their lands and agree to put an end to the Great Feud in favor of an agreement of mutual defense.​

710 A.L. - 760 A.L. - The Human population grows quickly with the aid of the Elves, and they found several more settlements along the coasts of Enarion with the approval of their overlords. During this period, several other smaller expeditions of Humans journey to Enarion and join the Human population.​

Age of Chaos

767 A.L. - 788 A.L. - War breaks out between the Humans and Elves. After a lengthy period of fighting, the Elven King is killed in battle and the two races make peace. The Elven Kingdom agrees to recognize the independence of the Humans.​

770 - 790 A.L. - The Dwarves begin to fracture once again and resume their grudges and feuds after seeing the alliance between Men and Elves fail. But the feuding never returns to the level of the Great Feud.​

790 - 800 A.L. - The death of the Elven King sends the Elven Kingdom into a succession crisis. Every King had been directly descended from Aenlorethier until this point and the final King died with no heirs. The Elder Council cannot not agree on an heir as various nobles all try to claim the throne. The Elven Kingdom descends into squabbling and infighting and breaks apart into many petty states.​

800 A.L. - 1000 A.L. - The following two centuries are marked by continued Human territorial expansion as they conquer the isolated western lands from the remnant Elven kingdoms. Further Human expeditions arrive in the west and carve out their own kingdoms from both Elven and Human lands. The Elves remain fractured into many petty kingdoms and war amongst each other, as do the Dwarves.​

Age of Wonders

1000 A.L. - 1100 A.L. - Warring between the various Human, Elven, and Dwarven kingdoms tapers off. The modern kingdoms as of the Calamity and their borders solidify and relations begin to normalize between the races.​

1100 A.L. - 1300 A.L. - The next two centuries are marked by peace and prosperity. Wars between major kingdoms are infrequent, the population grows significantly, and magical artifacts and wonders become commonplace.​

1333 A.L. - The Calamity reaches Enarion’s shores. It encroaches on the continent from all sides, making its way across the landscape over the course of a few months and converging on Azure Keep. Areas affected by the Calamity experience all sorts of disasters, both magical and mundane. Most of the population perishes in the Calamity. The few who survive flee from the storm and congregate at Azure Keep. As the Calamity closes in on the castle, the few remaining mages decide to activate the experimental linths of Azure Keep and keep them open long enough for some refugees to escape through the portals.

Age of Silence

Date Unknown - Several generations and an unknown amount of time passes. Most knowledge of the Old World is lost during the escape and subsequent exile inside the portal realms.​

Date Unknown - Spirits, monsters, and the forces of nature reclaim the continent.

Age of Restoration

0 A.C.

1 A.C.

2 A.C.

  • The Royal Wedding between King Richard de Retford I and consort Saoirse Winterskorn is interrupted by storm winds, putting out Saoirse's ceremonial torch. The wedding, dubbed now as The Scorched Wedding, was then interrupted by the Grand Augur of the Cult of The Five Divines, Engarant de Corseilles, and augur Gregor 'the filthy', who labeled Saoirse Winterskorn as blasphemous. The House of Winterskorn responded by pushing through the Royal Guard and attacking the augors, leading to the death and later post-mortem beheading of the Raymond 'the radical', and capture and eventual torture of Engarant de Corseilles and Gregor 'the filthy'. The Royal Wedding was postponed for a later date.
  • The king of the dwarves, Thorsten Bronzebeard, supported by his loyal bronzeshields Dutrig, Skokock and Thorkyl, are slain in honorable battle against the Kingdom of Westholm. The four dwarves had challenged King Richard de Retford and his fyrd to an open battle at the Gates of Reyn. Ultimately, the four dwarves die honorably in battle, and lead to the Kingdom of Ordheim's election for a new king.

3 A.C.

  • The Kingdom of Helheim is formed, a nation formed by rebellion against the Kingdom of Ordheim, its high king being Ragir Ironfoot.
  • Tensions rise between the former defensive-allies of the Kingdom of Tor Ascara and the Kingdom of Westholm, as the Ascari aid the Kingdom of Helheim in the sacking of Westholm. A counter raid occurred a few months later against the city of Tor Ascara by the Kingdom of Westholm, in which they were victorious in. Both the Kingdom of Tor Ascara and the Kingdom of Westholm exchanged propaganda supporting their side, with tensions strained between the kingdoms.
  • The town of Aurbryn is founded by Master Ludobrecht, the leader of the Black Dog Company.
  • The Principality of Vlachia is founded by the Vlachulesti dynasty, just a short way from Tor Ascara. The Vlachians were historically a people in exodus and slavery, united by Vlachul the Liberator to rebel against their Elven Overlords at the beginning of the Calamity.

4 A.C.

  • The Jubilant Ides is held from the sixteenth eve of the Last Offering until the sixteenth eve of the Eclipse. During this time period, the inaugural hunt of the Vlachian people takes place, followed by a jovial feast within the Castle Gulac.
  • The Woodland Realm is declared a free and independent state on the 1st of Earthshine. This city-state, capital city being Valieryl, is set near the ancient Ruins of Dalirwen.

5 A.C.

  • The Kingdom of Ordheim closes its gate to all, the Dwarven Kingdom becomes abandoned and dormant for the time being.
  • Reynald and Leofric of the House of Myrfeld are named traitors within the Kingdom of Westholm for crimes of necromancy and an assassination attempt against Lord Arthur de Blackford, under the orders of the Undead King Valrond.
  • Westholm is sieged by King Valrond's Undead Army. The Army of the Lion and allies were pushed far into their own city, but saw victory at the end of the night. King Valrond lost possession of the former King Edwyn Thorpe's body, revealing his true form.

6 A.C.

  • The Knights of the Realm are formed by King Richard I of Westholm, an order of nobility stemming from both Holmish and Nornish tradition, ennobling worthy folk in deeds of valour and honourable bearing.
  • The Adventurer's Guild is founded as a guild to repel the monstrous forces of Enarion, through use of bounty and quest boards.
  • The forces of the Kingdom of Westholm, comprised of the Army of the Lion, the Rangers of Enarion, and other warriors ventured into ancient human ruins with the goal of defeating King Valrond and the Undead. The Oakleaf Rangers broke down a wall of ice that was within the catacombs of the ruin and dug down into the snow, finding a hall. Despite heavy causalities, the Holmish people managed to break the armour of King Valrond, seemingly releasing the evil spirit that was controlling the dead King.
  • The Aellen Forest's mushroomite inhabitants were terrorized by the parasite and its infected flora. They guided the Ascari through the forest and performed a sacrifice among themselves. Following these events, the Ascari uncovered a cave, one offering whispers of an unknown language, and met an ent. This ent gave brief mention of the Sanguin'ehr and the parasite's relation and told the Ascari they were not yet prepared for the encounter.

8 A.C.

  • The town of Barwic is raided by the Undead horde inhabiting the Ruins of Ordheim. The onslaught is long and gruelling and in the end, the Undead slaughtered the town. Farms are ruined and a pillar is raised within the wheat fields of Barwic.

9 A.C.

  • Ealdorwoman Lora of Barwic and Wiccans call upon the people of Enarion to help seek to remove the obelisk that was left by the undead in Barwic.
  • The Jarldom of Nordavik is founded after the Sokeman of Winterhelm, Regulus Rinker, and the Jarl of Mjolheim, Ubbe Bloodaxe, agreed to merge their two nations.
  • Scholars begin researching useful weapons and equipment to protect against Wraiths and the undead. Gnorf, one of the most well-known and knowledgeable creates documents spreading information across Enarion such as [Wraith Protection].

10 A.C.

  • Tom Shadow becomes Ealdorman of Barwic, and hosts the first Wiccan Cheese-Roll Event.
  • The Spirit that has been controlling the undead, reveals himself as The Great One, the former puppet-master, that was corrupting King Valrond.

12 A.C.

  • Kingdom of Tor Ascara is renamed as the Aellen Kingdom.
  • Bellemare is left to be turned into ruins, whilst the members of Bellemare leave to set-up the beginning of the Academy in Valora.
  • Jarl Regulus and Ealdorman Tom Shadow join together under an agreement, to help each other with trade and deal with the bandits around the Jarldom of Nordavik and Barwic, the people joint together are now recognised as Barvik's.
  • After the attack from the undead, the nation of Vallieryl relocated and renames to Honeydale, with a signed treaty of Vassal with the Kingdom of Aellen.
  • Aelfwine calls upon sailors and people in Enarion to join him on a grand voyage across the ocean.
  • The sailors of Barvik, head off to fight against the Kraken but are defeated, leaving only Raiden, Lidmann and Tom left whilst the rest of the sailors are stranded on an island.
  • Westholm host, the merchant carnival and festival to gather people together, and to celebrate 12 years of the re-emergence of Enarion.
  • The crew of sailors go to rescue the stranded sailors, those who drifted off after their original boats were damaged by the Kraken.
  • Pact of Kraken and Lion Westholm and Tor Ascara sign agreement on non-aggression pact and the mobility between the nations to enforce that they can remove the bandit crisis.
  • Artisan Guild is created by Altric Melromarc and Aleksei, well-known forgers and masters of their trades.

Age of Unity

15 A.C.

  • Nardual Aeleth calls for an official meeting from all Nations and Guild leaders that can join him, and fight against The Great One and his undead armies. This meeting discussed the plans for the Siege of Ordheim.

16 A.C.

  • Two camps are formed for the armies, one outside of Republic of Valora, and the other outside of Barwic
  • Timon Urswick and many other peasants form the Order of Saint Alba, a village dedicated to worshipping the sun goddess, Saint Alba.
  • Emery of Cortain creates the Brotherhood of Hexxers, a hunting group that work on taking bounties and missions by payment.

17 A.C.

18 A.C.

  • War is finally here! The day of the Siege of Ordheim finally came, and it was a great victory for living and the grand armies that joined them. King Valrond and his army were banished.

19 A.C.

20 A.C.

21 A.C.

  • Battle of Krakend.
  • Coronation of Meredith I de Retford: Holmish, Nornmen, and foreigners from alliance nations come to watch the crowning of the new monarch.

22 A.C. A large group of Holmish veterans split off and form Cynethrymm and Earldom of Ynslee.

23 A.C.

24 A.C.

  • The Grand Bazaar is held in Triumvirate of Glarenydd with intentions of establishing stalls within the city's market. Notable merchants across the continent are invited to attend, but new merchants are welcomed to open their own stalls as well.

25 A.C.

26 A.C.

  • After plans were revealed for the construction of fort in human lands by Kingdom of Aellen, the Order of Saint Alba quickly constructs a circus tent in the region with the support of the Kingdom of Calendale. This confrontation has been referred to as the Monkey Tent Crisis, lasting for over 2 months until being de-escalated by both parties.

27 A.C.

28 A.C.

Age of The Great Enarion War

29 A.C.

31 A.C.

32 A.C.

Age of Reflection

The End of the war, gave time to reflect and reparations to be made between nations and armies. Far too much blood was spilt for the war

33 A.C.

34 A.C.

35 A.C.

  • The Dreki Searaiders successfully raid Hilltown of The Reclamation Collective, who claim the attack was unprovoked. The situation escalates and the dwarves successfully raid the Dreki back. Both sides state their demands to end the conflict.

36 A.C.

  • Representatives from many nations gather within Westholm to discuss post-war diplomacy and agreements. Notable clauses within the Treaty of Westholm include the signing of a non-aggression pact between The Kingdom of Aellen and The Kingdom of Calendale, as well as the payment of war reparations from the former to the latter.
  • A party consisting of predominantly elven researchers and guards begin the first of several expeditions to the previously unexcavated ruins of the Kingdom and City of Lothelia, where they communicate with the cursed founder of Lothelia, King Oremonthier the Dragonslayer, who helps the party discover the history of the elven re-emergence into Enarion after the Calamity.

37 A.C.

  • The conflict between the Dreki Searaiders and The Reclamation Collective ends after the Dreki pay reparations demanded to them by the dwarves. Dreki citizens are outlawed from use of the northern mines, indefinitely, with the Dewis claiming judgement over those who disobey said edict.

38 A.C.

  • Kingdom of Aellen host the Ancients' Day Festival, themed around the ways of the elves of ancient past.

39 A.C.

40 A.C.

41 A.C.

42 A.C.

  • A dwarf, known as Morgrim, discusses unification of the north and the removal of the human settlements from the northern realm. In a Missive known as as Unify And Amend.

The Reclamation of the North

Over the years from 43 A.C. onwards, there were many wars and conflict with between the alliance of Dwarves and the Humans of the West, versus the Tsardom of Fyrmána.

43 A.C.

44 A.C.

  • A group of arsonists set a portion of sourthern Tor Ascara on fire, killing several and injuring many.
  • Meritocratic State of Lothelia falls entirely to voidal horrors. Its citizens are forced to evacuate, and the city's military barricades all entrances along ivory walls to prevent the horrors from escaping. A camp is built outside as a point for a future mission to retake the Ivory City.

45 A.C.

46 A.C.

47 A.C.

  • A tournament for aspiring soldiers to make their way into the Kutsal army is hosted by the Emirate of Qantar, a gold prize for those who are triumphant, too.
  • After unsuccessful attempts to retake their city, the Lothelians come together to form the Emirate of Qantar.

48 A.C.

  • King Elathion Dagre'sae hosts a meeting between nation leaders regarding the horror crisis that rendered the nation. The Treaty of Tor Ascara is drafted, it's wider purpose to ensure mutual aid between nations in the case of a horror attack.

Age of Horrors

49 A.C.

  • Leaders, diplomats, augurs, mages, and others interested in the notion of magic come together for the Magic Convocation of 49 A.C. within the ballroom of Tor Ascara to discuss important matters, such as the practise of death-aligned matters and ways to resolve the growing threat of horrors across the continent.
  • The armies of Calendale and few dwarves Collective tackle the undead in the siege of Delzoun. Godfrey I of Myrfeld dies to the lich, leaving the throne to his son and requesting that protects the Myrfeld dynasty.
  • A public funeral is held on Ynslee island, replacing the scheduled Solstace Solaris Ball. A year of mourning proceeds the funeral, in honour of the fallen monarch.

50 A.C.

51 A.C.

Zhul and Beyond

52 A.C.

  • Voidal creatures simultaneously attack all 7 nations of the continent. Casualties are amassed in every city and village, but the Enari are ultimately strong and defiant, collectively taking the battle to the Azure Keep where their fight was won. A figure from another land meets those who survived, and promises come the passing of a month to take the Enari to their home - the lands of Zhul.
  • A month passes and the figure opens the portal to the lands of Zhul. Swathes of the population together explore the rainforests and temples of the tribes who inhabit them, meeting the never-before-seen races and establishing initial positive relations.