The Elder Gods

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The Elder Gods
Languages: Common, Human Tongue
Region: Northwest
The Creator: Ramul
The Greaters: Faramani, Khalarid, Seraphin, Tended, Haust, Vargr

The Dreki follow a religion like no other. In the world of the Elder Gods, there is a patron for every living, material, and spiritual thing. Some may wonder how the Dreki keep up with such a vast amount of gods, however only a small few have shown themselves to the Dreki and their people.

Common Religious Knowledge

  • The Known: The gods that have revealed themselves to man. These gods also serve as Greaters among the Aspects below them.
  • The Unknown: The gods of the faith that are yet to show themselves to man.
  • Greater Elder God: The gods who have climbed their way up in the realm of the Elder Gods. As a Greater they suppress the Aspects below them, keeping them in the state of the Oyr as to not be dethroned.
  • Aspect: The Aspectuals god’s are always in a fury to reveal themselves to man. Without being known, they receive no worship or praise that would aid in their attempts to overthrow the Greater above them. Aspects arte typically related beings to their greater, and often get categorized beneath them. An aspect of the Elder God of War would for example be the Aspect of Siege-Warfare.
  • Seer: An individual of the faith who connects within the realm of the Elder Gods. Their religious connections allow them to see past the disguise of the Oyr of the Known Gods.
  • Oyr: Every Elder God possesses the power to disguise themselves amongst man, doing so in the form of a creature in the existing lands. The Oyr eat and sleep as normal creatures and are only discoverable through the rituals of a Seer.
  • Sterkr: The force that gives the gods strength. The more renowned a god, the more Sterkr it has. For this reason, the Greater Elder Gods often seek to punish their aspects into obscurity as to not be couped. The Elder Gods are worshipped via prayers or partaking in activities pertaining with their realm. The God of Hunting would for example grow stronger via a hunting party.

The Elder Gods


Ramul, ᚱᚨᛗᚢᛚ

The God of Creation | Elder God of: All that mankind has made, including other gods | Oyr: None, Omnipotent

Ramul is the embodiment of the creation of man. The alchemical creations, the creation of construct, word, language, life and all gods. He plagues the realms of existence scouring for any source of creation he can find. He is the collector of all, as well as the creator of all. Ramul is the Greatest of the Elder Gods.


Faramani, ᚠᚨᚱᚨᛗᚨᚾᛁ

The Deer Goddess of Life | Elder God of: Life, nature, flora, and fauna | Oyr: Albino Deer

Twin sister to Khalarid, Faramani serves as the Goddess of Life among the material realm. She is the Greater Elder God of all living animals and beasts. Her Oyr is that of an albino Deer that watches over the forests of the lands.


Khalarid, ᚲᚺᚨᛚᚨᚱᛁᛞ

The Raven Goddess of Death | Elder God of: Death, the underworld, and resurrection | Oyr: Raven

Khalarid is the twin sister of Faramani, receiving the lesser amount of worship she prides herself in the deliverance of souls to their respective realms. Being the Elder Goddess of death she knows little of the world of the living. When a mortal dies, they are taken to her underworld. As Khalarid is always looking for more knowledge of the mortal plane, the dead mortals can offer up their last memories to the Goddess in order to be returned to the mortal plane. If one is to not take up this offer, she will guide them to the respected realm of the Elder God they worshipped.


Seraphin, ᛞᛖᚱᚨᛈᚺᛁᚾ

The Feline Goddess of Chaos | Elder God of: Chaos, gifts from the other gods that have been tarnished. I.E the gift of weaponry and defence contorted into banditry, or the gift of speech contorted into deceit. | Oyr: Felines

Seraphin was originally known to the other gods as Morgeif, the Goddess of Manipulation. Soon after the gods created the world, she took their gifts and used her powers to contort and bend them into powers of evil, sentencing humanity to eternal suffering under the hands of their God’s ‘gifts’. Seraphin’s influence on earth would be chaotic deeds such as banditry and deceit.


Tended, ᛏᛖᚾᛞᛖᛞ

The Dragon God of the Astral | Elder God of: The sun, moon, stars, space, time | Oyr: Dragon

The Greater Elder God, Tended, presides over all Elements in the Astral Realm. He has only revealed himself once when he opened the heavens from above to unveil a mighty dragon sent to scorch the world. His power is near Unknown as he is the gatekeeper of the Realms of the Elder Gods.


Haust, ᚺᚨᚢᛊᛏ

The Wolf God of the Elements | Elder God of: The Elements. Uses his axe to change the weather | Oyr: Wolf

Haust serves as the Elder God of the Elements. He controls the sea’s, the lands, the skies, and so forth. He wields an axe empowered by the element’s around him. This axe aids him in protecting the elements from other Elder Gods who would seek to encroach upon them, as well as changing the weather.


Vargr, ᚢᚨᚷᚱ

The Bear God of War, Honor and Loyalty | Elder God of: War, honor, and loyalty | Oyr: Bear

Originally having been an Aspect of Seraphin, Vargr warred his way out of her realm and forged his own. All warriors that value friendship and loyalty are keen on Vargr, for surely he will reward them in their raids.


Berserker, ᛒᛖᚨᚱ ᛟᚠ ᛊᚺᛁᚱᛏ

While seers are often not those that would risk their lives in battle, they do have a religious counterpart that does so. Berserkers are those that are feral enough that seers deem them close to the natural gods. For such, they perform a ritual before combat where they consume the wildest of berries, shrooms and potions to give them crazed abilities.

While they would not shapeshift into bears, their combative prowess would definitely make it seem so. The berserker cult is one limited to only the most experienced and feral warriors, for not many other would survive their drug induced rituals.

They don their skins with the most excessive of tattoos and warpaints, detailing their skin with prayers to the gods.



Dreki often detail their skin in warpaints and tattoos. Such would give praise to the gods, their ancestors, or even the action they are partaking in. Even the colors differentiate between meaning.

Color Representation

Red gives honor to the blood that flows through all human beings’ bodies. If red is your color, then your intention to spill blood in the name of the Elder Gods, and Vargr will surely notice you.

Blue like the waves that takes the Dreki to their plunderstations, if a raider dons blue markings it means the wearer wishes for safe passage through the waters; lest their ship sinks under the torment of the waves.

Yellow like the gold they plunder, Dreki that don the golden colors are often wanting to improve their findings in raids. It is believed yellow paint or tattoos will increase the gold you find when plundering.

Black like the rotten dead, Dreki that don the black are particularly religious folk. The black gives worship to all gods and ancestors, calling to them all. It is also believed that those that wear black are particularly wise and strategic.



  • Paint on the face is one of the most common among the Drekir. It comes in various forms, but nonetheless it will be found. If there is paint or ink on a Drekir’s face, it means they are planning for the future and believe they have long-term vision for their lives.


  • Swirls or straight lines on the arm are those of a warrior. It signifies strength, and it is not common that these are prayers to Vargr to guide their blades when the Drekir are in combat, whether that be the Holmgang or a Raid.


  • A bear’s paw on any limb would be the sign of a great hunter. It reminds them and those around that they are one with the woods, plains and waves. It is not uncommon to find Berserkers with these pawprints as well, nor is it to find them claiming it was their own bearpaw that printed the mark.
  • The Compass of Haust is a prayer that the elements would treat you and your company right. It is common to find these displayed on a captain or raidleader hoping the elements do not endanger his crew.