The City of Nex

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The City of Nex

Languages: Common, Velnari Tongue
Demonym: Velnar, Velnari
Social System: All-Clan
Religion: Nahuteotl
High Priestess: Tenoch
Chief of Tletl: TBA
Chieftess of Atl: Tenoch
Chieftess of Ehekatl: TBA
Chieftess of Tlalli: Eloxochitl


Deep within the central jungles of Zhul, which the native Velnari dubbed as Tlanut, the All-clan survived and even thrived off of all of the elements. It was a place of balance, order, yet it was incomplete to truly satisfy the constant tipping of power between elements. The Nahuteotl was the one thing which could ensure the clans throughout Zhul remained at peace. Yet, in order to do such, each of those of the All-Clan could not have biases to one element, they must go through trials to understand existence is not possible without the elements working together in an intrinsic harmony of overlapping aspects. Understanding that the elements all are a part of the way a Velnar survives within their homelands is the fundamentals of Nahuteotl’s teachings. ​ While other Velnari Chiefs and Priestesses had tasks given to them by the God which they revere most, the first Priestess of the All-Clan had a different experience. Yecchihua was given a task by each of the Gods to prove herself. From Tletl, she had to amass a collection of hunters to aid her in defeating a desert basilisk which had been lurking around the Temple of Tletl. A long hunt which took weeks to track down to it’s burrow, nearly losing her own life in the process to understand that pain and sacrifice are necessary for survival. From Tlalli, Yecchihua had to learn to construct grand statues of clay, choosing to construct a statue of Ixtlaltic to honor the first Chief of the Tlalli clan for allowing her to learn from him his ways of craftsmanship. From Ehekatl, the Velnar undertook a vow of silence for a month as she assisted the priest and priestesses of Ehekatl’s Temple in mapping the stars, having to sleep outside under the stars without protection from the weather to realize that Ehekatl’s presence was all around them. From Atl as her final task, she had to build a ship and voyage from the northernmost isles of Zhul all the way down to the southernmost island with only that of which she had collected and obtained, having to learn to fish and survive the brutal waters. ​ These lessons that she learned from the trials she was given allowed her to return to the central temple and pray for a way of balance, order, and so Nahuteotl reached out as akin to a coveted embrace of answers. When the elements became in harmony it was that Yecchihua was dubbed as the first High Priestess, to guide and to lead, representing both chieftess and priestess.

Worship of Nahuteotl

Nahuteotl, the God of Balance and Protection, essential to the maintenance of power between the clans and to ensure that the Velnari societies do not succumb to outside influences or inner turmoil. Nahuteotl is the most honoured god of Nahueti pantheon and the origin of their religion. It is seen as a great honor to revere Nahuteotl and as such, offerings are given across Zhul to the God of Balance and protection. Every sixteen years the Velnari from around Zhul meet at the temple of Nahuteotl to host a great ceremony interweaving offerings and sacrifices to all of the gods within the pantheon in which all have a role within the ceremony outside of those leading it. Totems are often made as symbols to the gods to represent each of them. Nahueti shamans would use masks and costumes to present the presence of the god in rituals and battle to empower their warriors.​


The City of Nex is led by the High Priestess who is advised by the Chief and Chieftesses that assist in governing over daily life within the All-Clan. Each of these Chiefs or Chieftesses are chosen by the High Priest from the Clans as they are called to help lead the governing body of the people. This way of government represents the balance and order between the Gods, elements, and all things to ensure that it is maintained so that the Velnari people live in harmony with one another. The Tlalli Chief looks after the land of the city, stewardry and building arrangements. The Tleltl Chief is responsible for overseeing the warriors which protect the All-clan from any harm and upholding the laws of the Velnari society. The Ehekatl Chieftess is responsible for overseeing matters regarding the spiritual, academics, and bookkeeping. The Chieftess of Atl is charged with upkeeping cultural rites and festivities and tending to the needs of the people in regards to upkeep their livelihood. The upper government of Nex looks over the maintenance of the outer clans when necessary as well in order to ensure that their people are being treated well and taken care of; only interfering when necessary.

Societal Norms and Values

The customs and cultural norms of the All-Clan are important to their maintaining of their traditions and ways. Upon entering the City of Nex, one would be greeted with a closed fist over one’s heart and a bow of their head as a sign of respect and pleasantries. Such is used in both formal and informal situations. One’s tribe is their family which they come from, while some stray from the clan which they were born into, it is often that the tribes will mainly be a part of one clan. Generally, it is seen that the community will come together in order to raise the children for them to be raised in an environment that has them exposed to a variety of different lifestyles. As they expect all members of the clan to contribute to society, they do not have taxes or make payments to the government so long as they are contributing. When one breaks from their worship of the Gods or causes harm to another Velnari, it is seen as a great harm to their society due to the fact that the entire society survives off of the elements and survives due to the teachings of the Gods. ​

Diet and Cuisine

Within the lush environment of Tlanut, it is no wonder that there are a plethora of fruits that thrive in the humidity of the land. The locals seem to export a wide variety of these tropical fruits from mangos, passion fruit, bananas, guavas, and more that are all implemented into their daily diet. The Velnari of Nex are not nomadic like their kindred of the other clans hence are able to grow hearty crops such as taro and potato. However, this does not mean the jungles lack protein sources, from the rivers that flow throughout the land to dense bushes that provide protection, it is home to all sorts of meats. Specifically, wild boar is hunted and those of Atl fish in the rivers to produce a native dish packed with protein and carbs called Laulau.


The clothing seen in the All-Clan has clear influences from the various clans around the continent that have been adapted to be fit for the jungles. Those who are involved more heavily in the worship of Nahuteotl often dawn long veils that extend nearly to the floor and are worn especially on important occasions. Due to the humidity, cloth is often worn more than other fabrics unless they are a Warrior of Tletl. Most Velnari face paints within the jungles for various reasons however they are almost always colorful.

Language and Symbols

Most Velnari in the City of Nex speak the native language of Velnari and Common as both are frequently used within the All-Clan. Face paint is an important denotion in which tribe one is a part of, it’s meaning varying between each tribe however universally being seen as a symbol of pride over one’s origins. ​

Everyday Life

Within Nex, the Velnari of the All-Clan live in a center that is rich in cultural diversification and endless opportunities for a Velnar to thrive. One’s occupation generally depends if they are a part of a specific clan or the All-clan. Most of the time, the Velnari are seen hunting, fishing, farming, going out on patrols, designing different works of craftsmanship, it truly depends on the clan which they are in and the lifestyle which they are acclimate to. Hunters often mount Rakhadactyl’s in order to chase after larger beasts during their hunts. Large feasts often occur during their festivals in which the whole of Nex helps with the preparations for so it is a community driven effort. For these grand festivals, it often takes days to weeks to prepare everything in advance. The Velnari often enjoy various sports for entertainment, such as tests of strength through wrestling, spear-fighting, a ball game called ullamaliztli, Rakha Races, and many more! Gambling is also a pastime which is enjoyed by many Velnari through various dice games.