The Baron

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The Baron
Religion Information
Languages: Common, Elven Tongue
Region: Worldwide
Head of Religion: The Baron itself
Elyar: Pride, Greed, Lust, Envy, Gluttony, Wrath., Sloth

Among the few continents, there are notings of past mortals; who in their greatest time of need were not met by whomever it is they worshipped for they would not answer but instead were greeted by The Baron; acting upon their newfound desperation so that he might enlist them in his army.

Mortals have sought him out to perhaps strike whatever accord with The Baron their predecessors had done with fervor. The Baron's true origins are regarded as nothing but an enigma amidst the various groups who act in his name, only being stated as a spirit, descendant a volatile world of which agony and suffering rain uncontested otherwise noted as the death plane perhaps it is because of this he has sought out the Enari to serve in his army in exchange for whatever power it is he may grant them,


  • Guede, or Geh-dey: A faction of which The Baron rains supreme, The Greater Guede are 7 in total, sharing namesakes with the seven deadly sins.
  • The Baron: The Main Deity of the supposed religion, native to the Death Plane

Appearance, or the Lack Thereof of the Baron

The Baron is accosted by those of the past as uncaring or otherwise insensitive in all that he spoke, bringing a sense of dread to all with the effrontery to stand before him. He would appear in the semblance of a silhouette, strung across the wall as the smell of a freshly lit cigar struck one's nostrils, A stench that lingered long after his departure. His particularly featureless mass hints at a top hat with the likeness of a cane often gripped betwixt the digits of either hand. In this shadow-like state; he'd likely be indiscernible from one's own shadow yet he could sometimes appear in a form granting full sight of his features to all who might gaze upon him, a sight none who are alive may yet describe.

The Seven Greater Geude

There are seven amongst The Baron's ranks that stand at the top alongside him, noted as the very first men and women to bargain with the spirit, taking their rightful place as the generals of his army


A well-garbed man, noted in the semblance of a suit with freakishly elongated coattails, it is wise to bow one's head when addressing him, or it may very well be removed.


A long sickly figure that'd sport an extra pair of arms; in his presence, one would be all the wiser to hide their prized possessions lest they undergo new ownership


The depiction of a woman endowed in all manners possible; often making attempts to swoon both men and women alike, those in her company should be weary of the man-eater, fore they would soon note she brings literal meaning to the word.


The depiction of a frail crone; a notable hunchback that'd find much joy in parading as the other guede, while capable of shape-shifting, her form would rapidly morph between the other six, rarely displaying her own true self, yet she'd sport a course yet feminine voice all the while, regardless of her form. Should one be too hasty in letting their eyes deceive them, they'd soon lose them.


The depiction of a rather obese man, formed in the likeness of a featureless silhouette that'd shake the ground in their wake, it'd be wise to prepare a multitude of offerings in the guede's presence lest they turn to the members of the group for sustenance, of which their appetite knows no bounds.


A hulking silhouette with musculature to spare, when in their company, there is no right manner of addressing them 'fore all you speak can and will be held against you, simply remain ready for the worst to occur, fore it most likely shall.


A sickly figure often slow speaking if not entirely nonchalant; conversing with the guede is sure to test one's patience, if shown to lash out in anger, one might quickly lose possession of their tongue as a result.


There are those bound to serve The Baron until the day they expire, as a result of this, their actions are often enacted in hopes of achieving that which is unknown to all in his service. Those bound by contract often times sport the markings of a skeletal hand burned unto their flesh in the semblance of a now healed over scar wherever it may find itself, an obvious declaration of his ownership upon that which is now his, those that would find themselves seeking as an entity to be worshiped would often find their prayers falling upon deaf ears unless one has earned such favor from the spirit, they are more likely to beseech his wrath rather than any good graces from the otherworldly being - such is why it is believed that the Guede are the lone means of contacting him without invoking his anger, yet others are still advised to use great caution in their potential dealings with these once mortal souls.

Rituals and Rites

  • Entrails: Noted separate from the initial sacrifice, the organs of the enari are said to further appease the guede upon their arrival, a well-noted means of prolonging the time a guede may spend in any given host, being devoured as one would chew upon a fresh loaf of bread.
  • Sacrificial Offering: For any of the 7 guede to sustain themselves on the plane of enarion, a vessel is required for which they will take refuge in, whilst such a ritual would take place, the offering would have their form overshadowed by a mass of black mists only to form the figure of the guede
  • Herbs: at the site of every ritual, a Pyre is usually present; when burned; the given herbs would naturally place the sacrifice in a state much more welcoming of the once mortal entity's.