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The Souls system is what stores your characters information, location and much more. With the system we use, it allows you to seamlessly play across multiple different characters without having to worry about all the chore of separating items - constantly travelling across the map and such. ​

As an introduction to souls, on your first join - you will be prompted to create your character, this process cannot be skipped as you cannot play on the server without a character.

Command Image
All of the information you need regarding souls is stored in a very simple /souls command;

here it will list your current souls, creating, editing and deleting souls.

You can view a soul card simply by right clicking a player while

sneaking - or typing /soul [IGN] or /card view [IGN].

The name of your soul is what is displayed in all roleplay chat channels

(shout,talk,quiet and whisper)

Your souls also carry your profession progress, you can edit your soul, or

change your profession by right clicking your soul in the /souls menu.

For additional commands related to the plugin, this is the help page which can be found in game: SoulHelp.png