Richard II of Myrfeld

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Richard II of Myrfeld
King of Calendale
Reign: 27 A.C. - 33 A.C.
Predecessor: Merdarion I
Successor: Godfrey I of Myrfeld
Earl of Ynslee
Reign: 23 A.C. - 27 A.C.
Personal details
Born: Unknown
Died: 44 A.C. †
House: Myrfeld.png House of Myrfeld

Richard II of Myrfeld was the former King of the Kingdom of Calendale from 27 A.C to 33 A.C. and Earl of Earldom of Ynslee from 23 A.C. to 27 A.C.


23 A.C.

24-26 A.C.

27 A.C.

28 A.C.

  • King Richard II congregates all human nations and discusses their possible bond during the First Human Summit.
  • Again, during the second summit the Tsardom of Fyrmána projects possible hostilities towards King Richard II.

29 A.C.

30 A.C - 32 A.C.

33 A.C.

44 A.C.

  • Richard duels his son King Godfrey and is slain in battle. †

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Name Birth Death Marriage Notes
Godfrey of Myrfeld 16 A.C. N/A Flieur-Anne de Retford Current King of Calendale.
Esma of Myrfeld 17 A.C. N/A Ivan Bavar Princess of Vlachia.


  • Richard was known as Richard the Strong for his assertive and harsh ruling as King.
  • Though of Myrfeldi blood, Richard spent a large portion of his life in Vlachia.
  • It is believed Usyl manifested Richard's soul at times.