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Within FantasyRP, players have a variety of unique races to create a character with. Each race differs from the others, however one should note that there is no difference in mechanical gameplay between races. Differences in races exist in a roleplay sense, with humans appearing typically the most 'ordinary' in contrast with real life, elves usually being taller on average than humans with longer lifespans, and finally dwarves being a short and bulky race with strong accents.

Dwarves ​


The dwarves are a traditional and proud people who prefer to isolate themselves from the other races. The most common professions of the dwarves are mining, forging, and brewing, but their mountain holds often include guilds of many professions. The preferred environments of the dwarves are the mountains and valleys of the north where their ancestors carved out the first mountain holds. The dwarven folk of old believed themselves to be the first people of Enarion, having lived for centuries in their under-realms before making contact with the elven people on the surface.​

Physical Characteristics:​

Height: Stout and shorter than elves and humans, dwarves range between 4 to 5 feet tall (1.22 to 1.52 meters), with the average height at 4’6” tall for both men and women (1.37 meters).​
Age: Dwarves live to a maximum age of roughly 150. Dwarves age at the same rate as humans until roughly age 50 then maintain their middle age physique until their death.​
Features: Dwarves tend to have large noses, sunken eyes, and particularly enormous beards.​
Eye Colors: Those of humans, as well as gold, silver, copper, and red.​
Hair Colors: Those of humans, as well as fiery red-orange.​
Skin Colors: Those of humans, as well as ash grey.​



The elves are a spiritual and studious people who concern themselves primarily with matters of the spirits and magicka over trifling with the shorter lived races. Besides magical and priestly study, many elves devote their time to hunting, horticulture, and woodcrafts. The traditional homeland of the elves consists of the canyons and forests of southeastern Enarion, where the first ancient explorers made landfall.​

Physical Characteristics: ​

Height: Tall and imposing, elves range between 5’6” to 6’6” tall (1.68 to 1.98 meters). Men are slightly taller, averaging 6’3” tall (1.91 meters), while women average 6’ tall (1.83 meters).​
Age: Elves live to a maximum age of roughly 200. Elves age at the same rate as humans until adulthood then retain their youthful appearance until their death.​
Features: Elves tend to have slender faces, straight hair, long tapered and pointed ears, and only rarely have facial hair. Also, the race’s magical attunement has produced many wild eye, hair, and skin colors.​
Eye Colors: Those of humans, as well as gold, silver, red, lavender, and emerald.
Hair Colors: Those of humans, as well as golden blonde, silver, and white.​
Skin Colors: Those of humans, as well as golden tan, blueish grey, obsidian, and snow white.​



The humans are a diverse and ambitious people whose multitude of cultures dot the landscape of Enarion. As a whole, humans are masters of farming, fishing, seafaring, and animal husbandry, though the specialties of each human culture vary greatly. Humans can be found all over the continent, with their largest communities located in the coastal grasslands of western Enarion. Unquestionably the youngest race on the continent, human explorers and adventurers have nonetheless managed to carve out many a realm for themselves.​

Physical Characteristics:​

Height: Taller than dwarves but shorter than elves, humans range between 5 to 6 feet tall (1.52 to 1.83 meters). Men are taller, averaging 5’8” tall (1.75 meters), while women average 5’3” tall (1.6 meters).​
Age: Humans live to a maximum age of roughly 100. Humans reach adulthood at roughly age 20, reach middle age at roughly age 50, and reach old age at roughly age 70.​
Features: Humans tend to have round faces and broad shoulders. Men possess facial hair.​
Eye Colors: Amber, blue, brown, grey, green, and hazel.​
Hair Colors: Black, brown, blonde, and red. Aging turns hair grey or white.​
Skin Colors: Black, brown, olive, tan, and pale.​


Children born to parents of differing races are known as Hybrids and consist of Half Elves (Human + Elf), Half Dwarves (Human + Dwarf), and Dwelves (Dwarf + Elf). The physical characteristics of Hybrids vary, with some that look very close to one of their parents and others that fall somewhere in between. Similarly, the age at which a Hybrid grows old is unique for each Hybrid, and falls somewhere in between their two parents' races. Hybrids, being a cross between two races, are infertile and cannot have children.​