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Within Enarion there are several potions that can be created through alchemy with the use of Herbs.

Potion of Celerity​

A concoction of sweet-smelling milky liquid. Imbibing this mixture will quicken the body, stimulate the muscles, and increase agility. Side effects include jitteriness, high energy, and extreme alertness.​ ​


Grants quickened reaction time and general movement speed.​ Sluggishness occurs after the potions effect wears off.​

Draught of Vigor​

A concoction of brown liquid that smells of sweat. Imbibing this mixture will suppress fear and enhance strength. Side effects include nausea, hallucinations, unbridled rage, and exhaustion.​


User’s muscles are strengthened for a short period of time. Their blows are capable of shattering wooden shields as well as weapon hafts. Users can lift and move weights up to 400 pounds.​ Heavy fatigue and tiredness consumes the user post-consumption.​

Ironhide Brew​

A concoction of foul-smelling indigo liquid. Imbibing this mixture will numb pain and harden the body. Side effects include sluggishness and drowsiness. Tastes terrible.​


Hardens the skin and tenses the muscles of the drinker rendering them more resistant to bladed or blunt attacks. Blades will leave surface cuts rather than deep gashes, blunt weapons will bruise rather than break bones.​ User is heavily fatigued after use.​

Philter of Volitancy​

A concoction of fetid smelling murky liquid. Imbibing this mixture will stimulate the legs and induce feelings of weightlessness. Side effects include hallucinations and drowsiness.​


User is capable of extremely high jumping for a temporary period. The height they can jump is reflected via mechanics.​ User suffers leg muscle fatigue afterwards for a short period, being unable to run fast at all. ​

Vivifying Elixir​

A concoction of aromatic smelling but bitter liquid. Imbibing this mixture cleanses the body of poison, fortifies the body against ailments, and encourages the healing of wounds.​


A long period of intensive regeneration, that will begin to heal & close wounds.​

Anodyne Essence​

A concoction of milk white liquid that smells of death. Imbibing this mixture causes instant pain relief and stimulates the closure of wounds. Side effects include drowsiness, hallucinations, and profuse sweating. Tastes terrible and burns the throat on the way down.​


Begins to heal wounds quickly, making the user feel more rejuvenated.​ Causes hallucinations and confusion.​


A concoction of highly volatile sticky black powder in a clay vessel. Exposure to air causes the mixture to erupt into flames. Inert when wet, but touching the powder still blisters the skin.​


User must emote throwing the bomb on their turn in place of their attack. Everyone in the blast radius is burned temporarily.​

Smoke Bomb​

A concoction of volatile sticky black powder in a clay vessel. Shattering the vessel ignites the powder, which gives off a plethora of smoke that stings the eyes. Inert when wet.​


User must emote throwing the bomb on their turn in place of their attack. Everyone in the blast radius is blinded temporarily.