Order of Saint Alba

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Order Of Saint Alba

Languages: Common, Human Tongue
Demonym: Albans
Religion: Saint Alba
Head Priest: Timon Urwick
Priest: Archibald
Marshal: Lochlan Shephard

The Order of Saint Alba is a village settled in the year 17 A.C., located in central-western Enarion, south of the Kingdom of Rheynland. The citizens of the Order dedicate themselves to the worship of Saint Alba and her teachings and guidance.


Fifteen years after the reemergence of the mortal races, the Order of Saint Alba made their return to Enarion. The village of Enari was established as the Albans worked to restore faith and peace into the realm after so much war and dread, particularly from the Regiment of Blight. The Order of Saint Alba was heavily involved in the preparations for the Siege of Ordheim, and successfully aided in it.

After the events of the Siege of Ordheim, the Albans were able to settle down more permanently. A monastery was established in which the sarcophagus of Saint Alba was placed, hidden away in the catacombs. Two years had passed and Enari had become a fruitful village. One may find Albans participating in the worship of Saint Alba within Enari, placing items around her tomb such as coins and personal possessions.


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The Order of Saint Alba follows Saint Alba's teachings, the way she lived her life, and her guidance. The Order continues to ensure that her light is felt by the world. Making sure no sun is wasted, the village of Enari produces many crops with the warm weather they have. Each citizen of Enari has a role within the village. In addition to their roles, they make sure that the Crusaders, the village's militant force, are well equipped. Tasks of citizens can range from aiding in harvests to forging weapons and armor. The Head Priest of the Order of Saint Alba focus on researching the land and coming to an understanding on its previous state. The catacombs are also maintained and protected by the Head Priest.

Legacy of Saint Alba

It is believed by the Albans of a story of a woman known as Alba of Promdor, who was faced with fighting the Elder Lich Marukh, a demonic spirit who raised the dead. Alba of Promdor was victorious in defending against Marukh's undying legions, chasing him out of Promdor, and banishing him in all the darkness of the continent. Alba of Promdor passed away days later, believed to of happen because there must always be a balance in power, a balance in light and darkness. Her corpse was placed into a holy sarcophagus sealed in bright gold by those who would become known as the Order of Saint Alba, protecting her and her holy staff.


The original monastery of Saint Alba was able to help treat a man, who was struck by tragedy when the undead pillaged his village. His family was murdered, friends and neighbors as well. Those able to escape came to the monastery, housed by the Head Priest and took residence in the old town of Pomdor. They began to learn the importance of Saint Alba and began praying to the Lord.

Saint Alba came to the man from a dream, she blessed that man through the method that soon became known by the Head Priests as the “Crusaders Pact”. The man named Wallaya Drottfox then became the first Marshal Crusader and was devoted to rising up against those that destroyed his home and his people’s land. Those who came to support him in returning his land back became known as the 1st Devoters of the Crusader army. The Crusaders continue fighting for those unable to. They also help build strength to those who fear, ensuring that they carry out the same blessing and guidance given to Wallaya by Saint Alba in his dream.

The Crusaders returned and have been reformed by Timon Urswick, and two brothers, Lochlan and Stephen Shepard. Their focus is to help Enarion against the monsters and the corruptive forces of nature that stand against Enari.