Oakleaf Rangers

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Oakleaf Rangers
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Guild Information
Headquarters of the Ranger Corps: Avengard & Tor Ascara

Formerly of found in Ordheim and Barwic.

Leader Of the Rangers: Tom Shadow
District Leaders: Vexen Scrap & Melioda N. Reykian
Years Active: 1333 A.L. - Present.

The Oakleaf Rangers is a intelligence’s scouting force, collecting information and helping protect Enarion, by following the ways of a Ranger. Those who join the Guild are taught highly advanced skills, such as tracking, concealment, unseen movement, stealth, and hit-and-run tactics; these lessons are taught early on, for an apprentice's journey to become a full-time Ranger.


The Oakleaf Rangers were originally created in the year 1333 A.L., by a man named Arthur Smith. Throughout the events of the Calamity and the Age of Silence, the culture of being a Ranger of the Forest was taught throughout each generation. Upon the reemergence of the mortal races onto Enarion, Tom Shadow, his son, restarted the Oakleaf Rangers, opening it to any race that wished to work with him.

Months after the reemergence onto Enarion, Tom Shadow intended the Oakleaf Rangers to be a pacifist group. The idea of war between the Kingdom of Westholm and the Kingdom of Ordheim was growing, and the Rangers had a goal to prevent this from happening. After two years of existing within Westholm, the guild saw slow growth, but they were considered to be causing trouble within the Holmish city. The Army of the Lion banished the Oakleaf Rangers from the Kingdom of Westholm, creating an arrest and attack on sight order for them. Thus, the Oakleaf Rangers relocated to the Kingdom of Ordheim.

With the relocation to Ordheim, the Oakleaf Rangers shifted their goals from preventing war between the Holmish and Ordheimer people to fighting against monsters and bandits within Enarion. One specific mission in the year 3 A.C. that the Oakleaf Rangers partook in was the slaying of the giant ants of Ordheim, a battle that the Rangers took heavy part in, assisting Thorsten Bronzebeard who had ended up losing his right eye in.

Prior to King Thorsten Bronzebeard's honorable death at the hands of King Richard de Retford's fyrd, the Dwarven king had requested that the Oakleaf Rangers help create the settlement of Hilltown, the farmland in front of the city of Ordheim. Around this time, the Kingdom of Westholm releases the banishment order on the Rangers.

After the death of King Thorsten Bronzebeard and the results of the Ordheim election, Hilltown sees renovations by the Oakleaf Rangers, known at that time as the Sheriff Rangers. However, the once lively lands of Ordheim had begun to become quite desolate of people, and it was at this time the Oakleaf Rangers decided to leave a notice and depart to Barwic, a town within the Kingdom of Westholm in 5 A.C. Within Barwic, they have been asked with the job of dealing with attacks upon the town by King Valrond's Undead and Wraith attacks.

Throughout their time in Barwic for over 10 years, they worked upon helping the Shire against the Undead plague, Globin Tribes, Sea Creatures, Skeleton armies, Wraiths, Bandits, and helped rescue those stranded after the incident with many Wiccan and Nords being stranded on an island after they were attacked and outnumbered by a Kraken. In 14AC, they returned back the Holmish Kingdom, welcomed to the capital known as Avengard, this time able to work with the army and the council, with plans on construction of a new Guild Hall, this time being their main headquarters and merging to form a unit of Ranger-Riders, that was originally a Nordavik Guild known as the Midnight Riders.

In 18AC, the Rangers helped fight against the Chosen One's forces seeing his banishment from the land of Enarion, most Rangers now dawn a black and very dark green cloaks and seen across all of Enarion, with the creation of a district in Kingdom of Aellen in 19AC.


All Rangers wear an Oakleaf necklace, the Oakleaf are all made out of three different materials, bronze, silver and Gold, and are attached to a silver chain. These necklaces are used to represent the formation of the guild.

Oakleaf Rangers Leader- Leader of the Guild and the master of the Ranger skill. It is their duty to direct the Oakleaf Rangers, with support of Senior Rangers. They maintain the documents and work to negotiate terms for alliances and help to develop the Oakleaf Rangers; they ensure that the guild is fulfilling the promise of protection for Enarion.

Incumbent: Tom Shadow

District Rangers Leaders- These Rangers are overlookers of areas, ensuring that all Rangers are following the ways of the Ranger. They also ensure that Rangers in that area receive messengers and report information. They also send units on assignments, either collecting information, stopping bandits or monsters. Many of these are reported by Enari and the Adventure Guild bounty board.

Incumbents: Melioda N. Reykian & Scrap Vexen

Ranger Unit Leaders: The Ranger unit Leaders are also known as Head Rangers, they are senior Rangers with well recognised skills that can help sharpen apprentice Rangers and Trained Rangers. These Rangers are able to act under pressure and are well suitable to teach and strengthen others.

Trained Silver Oakleaf Rangers: These trained Rangers are accepted fully into the guild, set on assignments that they can work alone, or along with others. These Rangers are still watched over, but have more freedom to continue their purposes of scouting, and information gathering. They are also used as messengers between Rangers, and outsiders of the guild; they also report to the Gold Leaders, who also make sure that silver Rangers are safe and keep the close bond of leader and apprentice.

The Oakleaf Bearers: All across Enarion, there are scholars, who study and research environment, Enari and ancient ruins to learn more about the impact of the calamity and the world before the event happened, these told by generations of people sharing stories. The Oakleaf Rangers set-up an organisation within the guild to research more about Enarion to help other Rangers gain beneficial factors whilst scouting or fighting with creatures, monsters and the lands corrupted nature.

Apprentice Bronze Oakleaf Rangers: These are new Rangers that have joined wanting to work in the guild. They are chosen by a Ranger unit Leader to learn skills of a Ranger. They are then assessed in a group after two-to-three years of intense training. If the apprentice passes, they are given a silver Oakleaf instead of the bronze.

Ideology & Uniform

“People will think what they want about us. Never take too much notice of it, just continue to follow the ways of a Ranger.”- Tom Shadow, 18AC.

The force spend their time fighting against monsters and bandit organisations, to help Kingdoms to Enari travellers, settle issues and negotiations for the continuation of a prosperous and peaceful land. The way of a Ranger are the lessons taught during their apprentice time, these consist of being one with the land, using it to hone them to their skill. The Rangers will continue to keep the peace, before and after graduation.

The Oakleaf Rangers wear subdued olive, dark greens, browns, black and variations of grey cloaks, over different leather studded/steel reinforced armour. Some of them will also wear sallet and nasal helms that allow for visibility and flexibility whilst wearing armour. Senior Ranger and many of the Silver Rangers wear their own style uniforms, that they find is best suitable for their role in the guild, but all have a cloak with a hood to be unrecognised if necessary.