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Lumberjack is one of the five gathering skills players can choose on FantasyRP. Players can mine log nodes found throughout the world to gain experience, wood and unique items. The main focus, or goal, of a lumberjack, is to mine at these areas to increase their capabilities.

Logs work differently on FantasyRP to vanilla, once a log is mined it will revert to a bedrock state, after dropping the log to you, eventually (after a set time) it will respawn back into its original log node so it may be harvested once more.

Woodnode.png Woodnone.png

Regenerating log nodes can be found at outposts spread throughout Enarion, currently there exists three (Human, Dwarf & Elf Outposts) which can be travelled to using the portals from the spawn, or following the roads once on the main map.

Map of Outpost Locations


What are its perks

As a gathering profession, the passive perks from gaining experience is a chance at additional drops or the chance at rolling a loot table for exclusive items.

Lumberjacks have a chance to gain double drops from the logs they mine, as well as this they have a chance to roll a unique item from a loot table.

Loot Table

Herbs Myrrh, Maidenhair Leaf, Camphor
Other Dragonwood Bark, Silver Currency, Cinnamon, Web, Sapling, Apple

The rate of increase (up until Level 100) for the chance of gaining a drop from the above loot table:


Relations to Other Professions:

The main high-quality material that is gathered by Lumberjacks is Dragonwood, this is a rare drop from the loot table. This item can be used by engineering and woodworking - who treat and craft the wood into more refined materials (shafts and bows) which can then be used by other professions (such as Weaponsmiths to craft Mithril weapons).