Lordship of Malstyria

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Lordship of Malstyria
Capital: Temple of Malstyria
Defunct: 46 A.C.
Languages: Common, Elven
Demonym: Malstyrian, Blood Elf
Religion: Yaen
Social System: Lordship
Lord of Mirrors: Vanikath Velam


Malstyria -- Once known for being a land ruled by the beings of Lothelia, they were pushed out by the valiant Blood Elves and took to erect a more beautiful structure in the image of their ancestors. Though it seems grandiose from the outside, it is built with a great chamber underneath. You will find the Blood Elves of Malstyria roleplaying down the stairway in the larger chambers, or the Red Council chambers above the throne room discussing politics and the advancement of their race. As of now, the Temple of Malstyria is ruled by Blood Elven royalty, the House of Velam. This striving temple is currently under the command of Vanikath of Velam, Lord of Mirrors. A scarce race of Elves with gray-hued flesh and bloodied eyes, they are known to thrive underground and shun the brazen lights of the sun in long fits of exposure. The royal line of these Blood Elves is that of House Velam, prestigious and noble Elves known amongst their kind of old for military strength in their former caste system. As of right now, only Blood Elves of House Velam are allowed in the temple; giving exceptions to worldly priests, servants of Yaen, and other seekers of knowledge.


Skintone A Blood Elf is one notable for their gray-hued skin tone, or white-ish skin.
Eye hue Similar to albinos, they have blood-shot red eyes. Their whole pupil and iris is drenched by this hue.
Hair hue A Blood Elf usually retains buns to keep their messy-hair tight or let it flow over their shoulders. Usually, most Blood Elves have darker toned hair or pure-white, akin to an elderly person.
Physique Due to living underground, both males and females hold mesomorphic, structured builds. They are as strong as most Elves at their peak. Most Blood Elves are around 5ft4 to 6ft8.

House of Velam

The House of Velam are the royal line of Blood Elves known for occupying underground caverns and ruling over all other lesser Blood Elves. They are noble in appearance, knowledgeable and hold many different skills amongst their society; artisan, forgery, military strategy and more. Considered to be the first descendants of Yaen, they were always counted as champions, saints, prophets or Kings in the Blood Elven communities of old. Over time, the House of Velam decreased in size and thus settled in Malstyria to rebuild themselves overhead. All members of House Velam venerate the Blood Drake, Yaen. If anyone goes against this, they will be met with swift justice. Malstyria does not open its doors to heretics; only giving permission to citizens of Aellen wishing to learn more about their kind. Yaen is considered to be the patron deity of the Blood Elves, a blood drake who sculpts statues to his will, breathing life into them through his omnipotent blood. You may read the religious post here: [Yaen]

The House of Velam is dominant patriarchy, they normally hand off power to men over women. This is normally due to male Blood Elves being much stronger when it comes to physical labor, and Yaen is said to be male also, and hence are seen as the closest in terms of mirroring him. On top of this, history tells that the first patriarch of House Velam held knowledge away to his male heirs, dampening the appropriate secrets away from his female heirs.

The Red Council

Lord of Mirrors - Vanikath The leader of Malsytria, known for hosting meetings and making the general decisions and orders to his council. Of course, the council will advise him on how to rule the land of which he leads.
Prophet of Yaen - Zirath The religious leader of Malsytria, believed to be chosen by the Blood-Drake Yaen. He will run sermons, ritual sacrifices and is known for burning heretics.
Claws of Yaen - Casien The military leader of Malsytria, known for hosting rallies and training the general soldier force of the temple. Usually, people will look to him as the strategic command.
Mouth of Yaen - Larthamiel The diplomatic leader of Malsytria, acting as the ambassador of foreign affairs. He will meet with other nations to secure alliances or broker wars. Of course, he normally speaks on behalf of the Lord of Mirrors.
Ears of Yaen - Larith The lorekeeper of Malsytria, usually documenting what is required -- be it knowledge and secrets. Normally, holding important lore, history, information, books and artifacts.
Champion of Yaen - Amon The champion of Malstyria, considered to be the best duelist in the fortress. He will normally fight in honour of both the Lord of Mirrors, and Yaen, be it honour duels to end wars, or fights to end grudges. As the champion of Yaen, he is also spiritually viewed as blessed by the Blood-Drake and will fight as a pious battle priest, fulfilling his religious duties at the same time.
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