Kingdom of Brenna

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Innse Brenna


Capital: Rosbroch
Languages: Human, Common Tongue
Demonym: Brennan
Religion: Agnostic; no official religion
Government: Despotism
Aithman: Aodhan
Succeeded By: Vetroy.png Estvo of Vetroy-Zapad

Innse Brenna is a nation settled in the year 16 A.C. by the Íσmharach Clan. Innse Brenna's roots date back to the Age of Myth, arriving by sea to the northern highlands of Enarion. In the year 24 A.C., Innse Brenna was purchased in its entirety by An-Legia Jadec, who would then become the Aithman of Innse Brenna.


Pre-Reemergence History

Centuries ago, before the calamity struck, a noble people thrived on the northern highlands of Enarion. Living in harmony with nature, allied with the diligent Dwarves below. Claiming to have lived there since time first began, the hardy stout mountain men quickly adapted to the harsh cold and the difficult living, but not before the great struggle. Their first ancestors, originally hard-pressed to withstand the elements, took a unique approach. The worship of the natural forces which sought to ruin them. In this practice, they found ominous forces guarding their people, and ensuring the greatest possible crop yield. From this point onward - symbiosis was carefully held with nature, becoming zealous guardians of the northern forests and mountains.

Overpopulation quickly struck them, and soon they found themselves spread out across the northern valleys, propping up multiple settlements. Each settlement, manned by a massively extended family known as a ‘Clan’, often bickered and fought with their neighbours - and the dwarves below. In the early days, conflict was rife, and they suffered greatly due to it. Two centuries after their establishment, a warlord, who would soon become a legend, Brennus the First, on a warpath, successfully subdued the other clans and settlements, calling their banners together and establishing a united kingdom. This kingdom would come to be known as ‘Brenna’, and their people the Brennish, named after their mythical founder. The warrior king lived an eventful life, and upon his death, his spirit was deified, said to watch over the Brennish people even to the current day.

He sired a pack of sons, and upon his death, with an unclear succession, the sons bickered violently. One short bloody civil war ensued, with the eldest son, Iomharach, triumphing above the rest, subduing his siblings. His siblings soon spread across the kingdom, to rule the neighbouring settlements. They would eventually become the different clans and subcultures of the Brennish people, each of Brennus I’s sons living an eventful life which would go down in history just the same as their father. Once the calamity struck, their kingdom was reduced to rubble and the survivors were scattered across Enarion, doomed to serve as disorganized mercenaries. Every attempt to return to the ancestral land seemed to be thwarted by an unknown, eldritch force.

On the Brennish people’s return to their land, they found a blight on the local nature, and a great struggle ensued to be rid of it. Only recently have they managed to push the blight to the ruined keep of Innse Brenna, the capital of the long since fallen kingdom.