Kingdom of Aellen

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The Kingdom of Aellen


Capital: Tor Ascara
Languages: Common, Elven Tongue
Demonym: Ascari
Religion: Astral Sect of Lumerihl, Way of the Current, Order of Druids
Government: Elective Monarchy
Monarch: King Nardual Aeleth

Tor Ascara sits atop the ancient ruins of a Kingdom formerly named Lothelia, an ancestral Elven fortress rebuilt by the elves who arrived first through the portals onto the continent. This city sits in the south-east corner of Enarion, easily located through the Elven Outpost. The Kingdom itself is nestled comfortably within the Eldergrove, an immaculate city settled atop the Hill of Ascara, made of white chiseled stone awaits all who wish to find a peaceful life. More attuned elves, humans, and dwarves alike would be able to sense something within these old growth forests, a mysterious and yet calming energy. A place where nature had coexisted with its elven keepers for centuries before the calamity forced them away. The spirits of the earth are even said to roam the lands, and speak to those who offer themselves in service to them.


The current reigning monarch is King Nardual Aeleth backed by the Council of Elders, the Druid Elder being Aelrie, the Astral Prince Aein Raloris and the Way of the Current being lead by Elathion. The monarchy in place is not one of divination, instead the person who sits atop the throne is chosen by the Council of Elders, those who lead the Sects of Espira. These titles are not familial, instead they are held by those entrusted with following the guidance of the Spirits. It is believed that each destined to lead a sect was primed for the placement by one of the ancient souls who watch over the lands. These positions are not permanent, or life long, but earned through hard work and devotion, eventually passed down when the Spirits call upon a new leader. The Elder Council are given the task of guiding the Kingdom overall, ratifying laws passed in the Town Assembly, while the monarch is allocated the responsibility of diplomacy and maintaining positive affairs with the other nations of Enarion.

The Town Council is a secondary assembly composed of the people of the city with several positions being given special roles to assist in running these meetings. These gatherings allow all people to vote on proposed laws, as well as voice their opinions, ideas and concerns. The special roles include, but are not limited to: Archon, Marshal, Merchant Lord, Principal Judge & Head Steward. Some of these positions are elected by the citizens of Ascara.


It is a custom within Tor Ascara to treat every person equally upon entry regardless of race or gender and only acting against them when given reason to. As the past was mostly forgotten, much of the transgressions against the elves have been as well, only fragments of the attitude held by the elves pre-Calamity are left, these being expressed in a general sanctimonious, and pompous stance toward the outside.

The culture is heavily influenced by the Sects of Espira, the members of each being taught different characteristics and outlooks from their leaders, but there is a base of shared ideals. Honesty & honor are of the most valued traits within this society, whether it is to do with one’s devotion to the Spirits, to the city, or even to their own spouse. Unfaithfulness is treated with disdain, and people are urged to avoid this entirely.

Customs & Traditions

The etiquette of the nation is just as varied as the culture is, but there are, as usual, a base of customs abided by within Tor Ascara. Many of these practices are intended to keep the people in line with the will of Epsira, and to show our respect to the beings of the earth. Some of these shared traditions are as follows:

  • When formally greeting one another, an Ascari will bypass the usual handshake, instead grabbing onto the others wrist and vice versa for a momentarily hold. This is one of the most respectful and common ways to hail a friend, neighbor, or stranger.
  • An informal greeting is typically just giving a pat on the shoulder to a friend or relative.
  • When hunting, an animals death should be quick and painless as possible to show respect to the killed being. In Ascara, it is frowned upon to cause unnecessary harm. Once killed, the entirety of the animal should be used to show thankfulness for its sacrifice.
  • A marriage can be dissolved fairly easily in Ascara, as elves live long lives, there is a shared understanding that divorce may be necessary. When seeking a divorce, the couple must exchange gifts with one another that will benefit the future of their soon to be ex-spouse, a sign of respect and thanks.
  • If a monarch dies while reigning, their body should be buried in a simple shroud at the base of the Amber Tree so that they may continue to give life.


Tor Ascara is a nation built by elves, but will take in any who wish to adopt their ways. Within the city, there is an emphasis on fair treatment for all, which transcends over criminality as well. The caste of this nation is not so easily defined by name, or nobility as you will find elsewhere, but by meritocracy. All titles in this nation are earned by those who hold them.

If a human, or dwarf wish to make Tor Ascara their home, they will be afforded all of the rights of an elf and treated no differently, as long as they submit themselves to the way of the Espira. Naturally there is discrimination that lives within the city, but it is not a precedent set by the nation.

Military History

1AC:- Queen Niserie re-establishes the Kingdom of Tor Ascara and returning elves begin to flock en mass to the city.

2AC:- The joint armies of Westholm and Tor Ascara under the control of Marshal Nardual and the human Marshal launch a raid upon the Capital of Ordheim in response to supposed bandit activity coming from the city. The battle ended with a stalemate after the joint forces got through the main gates though could not get further in.

3AC:- Tensions begin to rise between the formally close nations of Westholm and Tor Ascara which eventually leads to the elves of the Order of Lothelia and Dwarven separatists sacking the capital of the humans in a long drawn out battle which lead to a Victory for the Elves. Though it wasn't a long held victory - In return the armies of Westholm scaled the walls of Tor Ascara and achieved a victory of their own. From there tensions slowly settled down to where the two nations were once again Neutral to each other.

4AC:- The Principality of Vlachia is formed and their military The Order of the Golden Sun instantly starts to create conflict with the Kingdom of Tor Ascara and starts to constantly attack the citizens at the mines. In response to the attacks the elves began fighting back and so each nation decides to ban the other from each nation.

5AC:- Three major battles happened this year against the Principality of Vlachia, The Battle of the Bloodied River was the first of the three which was a brutal slaughter of the Vlachian side, bodies and blood running in the river for days after. In response to such the Vlachians moved on the capital itself where they saw a minor victory against the elven side yet most of the Elven army survived within the keep. This was the last straw and so the Order of Lothelia marched on the Vlachian capital and over the next few days reduced the capital to naught but ruin, ending the war with a large Victory.

6AC:- Queen Niserie Lumithiel steps down from leading, elevating the Marshal Nardual who had seen many victories to Kingship until change within the council of Elders took place to where he could then elect a new leader. The Ascari continue to fight the threat from the forests, the tree beasts eventually being fought back into the underground following a sacrifice. The Ascari then met an ent underground which spoke of a bigger threat...

7AC - 13AC:- The age of Regrowth, these years weren't too big for the grand scheme of things. The Kingdom of Tor Ascara was renamed to the Kingdom of Aellen to honour its past. The Ascari cleared out the Corrupted Forest in these years and the City entered into peaceful years.

14AC:- This year was an eventful one for the Kingdom. After the recovery of Artifacts from under the city the elves found out of past heros, a monster hunter by the name of Vanok and plenty others though this was the year the Undead War began. Nardual Aeleth declared that the Ascari would rip down the gates of Ordheim and destroy the undead once and for all, and hence the preparation began. As the Ascari gathered to leave on the 21st Season's Turn, 14 AC they met a large army outside their gate. After a violent clash between the two armies at The Battle of the Ascari Gate the elves proved the victors though suffered casualties.

15AC:- With the army now marching out they set up camp outside Valora there another large battle took place, The Battle of Valora Bridge, another victory and the Ascari and allies now march close to Ordheim.