Kingdom & Gates of Reyn

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The Kingdom of Reyn

Kingdom Information

The Kingdom of Reyn was one of the main human kingdoms in the lands of Enarion before the Calamity. Due to their close proximity to the north, one might find hints of dwarven influence in Reynish architecture.

The isolated Daryl Castle served as the seat for the Reynish kings, whose lands included the volcanic islands off the northwestern coast. In recent years the ruined castle has served as the home for the Broken Arrow goblin tribe.

Gates of Reyn Picture

The Gates of Reyn is a famous aqueduct that was constructed in a concordat between the humans of Reyn and the dwarves of Khordum-Zel.

The aqueduct once delivered freshwater across the continent and became a great historical landmark denoting the cooperation between the two races.

A combined feat of human aesthetics and intelligent dwarven design made this structure a true marvel for its time. While most aqueducts failed the test of time and collapsed, this large section remains standing, though defunct.