Jarldom of Nordavik

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Jarldom of Nordavik
Capital: Nordavik
Languages: Common, Human, Dwarven
Demonym: Nords
Religion: Dignitas, Ymir
Social System: Unitary Absolute Semi-Elective Diarchy
Jarls: Vintas Frostfall, Ubbe Bloodaxe
Hand of the Jarls: Valkorion Archimetheus
Grand Maester: Sarutar Siannodel
Master of Coin: Azemar Lipton
Master of Whisperers: Noah Nyrnein
Master of Peace: N/A
Thegns: Vintas Frostfall, Raiden Phoenix, Kaari Bloodaxe

The Jarldom of Nordavik is the culmination of the two defunct nations Mjolheim and Winterhelm. It strives to provide a safe environment free from discrimination and judgment of others.


8 A.C. Regulus Rinker and Ubbe Bloodaxe come to an agreement to merge their nations and begin planning with their subjects to form an idea for a new nation called the Jarldom of Nordavik.

The Jarldom of Nordavik is formed between the two nations of Winterhelm and Mjolheim in the agreement of their rulers Regulus Rinker & Ubbe Bloodaxe to share the power as Jarls.

10 A.C. Construction of Nordavik is completed. Soon after, an inauguration festival is held within Nordavik to celebrate the completion of the town. Over 30 guests attended and joined in on the sacrifice to the God of Prosperity, Njord, and the tournament for 15 gold.

Raiden Phoenix is attacked by a Kraken whilst out on a fishing trip, barely escaping with his life. He reported the sighting to Regulus and Ubbe who then prepared a hunt alongside Barwic to slay the foul beast.

11 A.C. Nordavik hosts its first annual tavern night in celebration of the new year.

12 A.C. The Barvik crew gather in the Nordavik town hall and set out to slay the Kraken lying dormant within the Southern Sea.

The battle is unsuccessful and a majority of the crews are lost at sea, washing ashore on a stranded island somewhere out in the ocean. The survivors consisted of Ubbe Bloodaxe, Skippy Bronzebeard, Korth Armia, Trodas, Regulus Rinker, Lillian Howard, Stormi Avery, Borf, and Gnorf. Regulus was heavily injured and on the verge of death after managing to injure the Kraken enough to make it return to dormancy. The island had been cursed by a wraith that threatened to kill them all if they did not leave in 3 months.

Tom Shadow gathered as many sailors as he could and he prepared to set sail to save the castaways. Meanwhile, on the island, tensions between the survivors grew until the island began to crumble away, the taint that had been growing upon it finally beginning to consume the island. They managed to escape the taint, but another threat, multiple wraiths, began attacking them as the rescue crew arrived. Many were injured and thought to be dead, but in the end, everyone had survived, although their mentalities were far from intact.

15 A.C. Jarl Regulus was declared missing after his dragon wood arm had been located within his quarters and notes denouncing his Jarl status had been delivered throughout Nordavik.

Vintas Frostfall supercedes Regulus as Jarl of Nordavik.


The Jarldom of Nordavik is headed by the two Jarls, Ubbe Bloodaxe and Vintas Frostfall. The Jarls lead the Small Council of Nordavik whom assist them for the betterment of Nordavik.