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Hunter is one of the five gathering professions players can choose on FantasyRP. The main focus, or goal, of the hunter profession, is to focus on killing Minecraft mobs. Whether this is hostile ones (skeletons, zombies) or friendly ones (sheeps, cows, pigs). Killing any of these will reward you with experience in your profession.

Hostile monsters can be found at sites of interest (namely ruins) around the map. Below is a linked map that outlines some of the many spawning locations of these monsters. All of these locations all have the same chances to spawn hostile monsters, the only distinguishable difference is the aesthetic and the fact that some have larger monster-spawning regions than others.


Experience Rates/kill

Zombies, Skeletons, Spiders, Slimes 25 Experience
Cows, Sheep Horses, Pigs, 10 Experience
Chickens 3 Experience

What are its perks?

As a gathering profession, the passive perks from gaining experience is a chance at additional drops or the chance at rolling a loot table for exclusive items.

Hunters have a chance to gain additional mob drops from the mobs that they kill, these drops can scale up the higher level hunter you achieve. Meanwhile, there is a smaller chance to roll a unique item from a loot table.

Loot Table

Skeleton loot Table Silver Coins, Charred skeleton Bone, Rusted Talisman, Golden Tooth
Zombie Loot Table Silver Coins, Decrepit Finger, Rusted Coin, Brain Fragment
Spider Loot Table Silver Coins, Spider Fang, Venom Gland, Spider Silk~
Animal Loot Table Tough Hide

The rate of increase (up until Level 100) for the chance of gaining a drop from one of the above loot tables:


Relations to Other Professions:

Engineering: Engineers can craft Gem, Spice and Herb bags. These allow you excess storage space for those items, they are crafted using treated hide, which is another craft by engineers. This treated hide requires tough hide as a requisite, and this item comes from the hunter loot table (killing animals).

Woodworking: Woodworkers can craft dragonwood bows, these require tough string which is made via using spider silk, this item comes from the hunter loot table (killing spiders).

Alchemist: Alchemists can craft venom vials (used in poison arrows) which are made from venom glands, this item comes from the hunter loot table (killing spiders).