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Triumvirate of Glarenydd


Capital: Amon Edhil
Languages: Common, Elven Tongue
Religion: Astral Sect of Lumerihl
Government: Absolute Monarchy
Population: 96 000
Monarch: Regent Morwen Isilmë


It is said in tales of Gilded Cities and Golden Kings to little children gathered around fires by their elderly carers that Tor Ascara is the heart of all Elfdom on Enarion. But knowledge kept deep in the souls of all Elves is that Tor Ascara is simply a place for a great seat and much power, no, Glarenydd is and has been the centre of all Elvendom for over a thousand years.

Declared fit for his grand palace and the site of his coronation, Aenlorethier chose the lush and verdant lands for their hills that would become miles-stretching vineyards, beautiful clear beaches wherein centuries of juvenile sport and ceremonies would be carried on and a horizon that by his death would be beset with spirals of the greatest white scraping the bowels of the heavens.

The greatest places of learning for all Elves, and indeed the beating drum of all culture that an Elf should aspire to learn and recreate in their life was taught in the tangling spires and crested academies of the elite here in the old capital. All Elves have long been eager to follow the customs of the Glarynnari Elves, for whom High Society and Royal court is simply another fact of daily life.


With the Great Sea forming a bed of sand at its base, the Erykk Delta languishing out to its western limits and the Redyl mountain range - one that would later house the infamous forges of Dalirwen - along its northern border, Glarenydd is blessed with all opportunities for exchange. It has been the past-time and lifeblood of the lesser Elf to fish, weave great fabrics as is befitting of Higher Society, and forge great works - as is evidenced by the almost unilateral adoption of pure golden inlays upon their marveled marble constructions.

If one could tell such a singular tale to weave all of these threads of Glarynnari life together as one might describe a person with a word, you would find that particular tale constituent of fashion, smithing, and innocent love for the maritime all key plot points in the heritage of this proud and most ancient of cities.

The same defenses that came to the unknowing aid of Elder Kings generations hence have also made life abroad difficult for Elves of this region, involuntary isolationism for the Glarynnari is a fact of life as pervasive as their merchants who go to great lengths journeying up the Erykk river to trade with Human and native tribe alike.



The Astral Sect of Lumerihl is the dominant religion among Glarynnari elves. Previously within Tor Ascara, the Sect's operation was moved to Miruvor in 37 A.C. in a mutual decision between the two involved nations. The Astral Pool is a new site for the Sect, and is located just outside the walls of Miruvor.


Even amongst the ilk of their own breed, the Glarynnari Elf is principally garbed in such fashions of furs, fine silks and robes of expensively dyed linen that one might expect them to suddenly turn and transition to a statue of gold - testament to the importance of fashion amongst the immortal centre of Elvish politicking. Their demeanor, however, contradicts what one would expect from such posh and aristocratic people in that they share very much the same philosophy as that of their ancestors which took mercy on the humans and taught them the arcane arts - knowledge is not to be kept to oneself, but distributed in order for all to prosper equally.

Despite your knowledge in tales of glittering corn fields and magical fishermen, the Glarynnari are adept farmers of those crops found most only in the turbulent seas - exotic and wild fancies of the ocean and its floors. Although this weakness for imported delicacies is impractical to say the least, food has never been better than those rarest of seafoods served by chefs in the heartlands.

Dynasty and Government

It is the blood of Aen, Vorta Aen, that flows through many descendent but nameless families of the capital, all tracing back their glittering family tree to the great Elder King of old and grand sailor of gold. Many sects call to his great-great-great grandfathers star-charts, the works of Aen and indeed worship these mystical texts for the stars of the northern hemisphere hold no sway over these foreign and exotic stellar patterns of the south - a treasured relic of their ancestral homeland.

The Elva Ethcal embody this great belief in the stars, rolling great rune-bones along their stars to foretell the great things to happen, and their beliefs have rung true down the generations for great veneration of the heaven’s has never left the shadowy cultures of the capital.

The Elder Council has long-since served their Kings and Queens through the ages, and in its many permutations of kind and size it has seen such great varying purposes to suit the needs of its peoples in different ages. The Lord Regent serves most directly before the Elder King as his advisor and stipulant of Elvish high society, ensuring the masses and their petty frolicking amongst court do not overwhelm the logistical necessities of the King’s rule. As much as the Lord Regent attends to the protection of the King from his rabbling politicians, the First Captain and his Gilded Honorguard will always see to the military protection of the Council, the King, and the Capital. The Grand Quartermaster sees to the needs of the Kings’ people and their fulfillment both in luxury and necessity within the confines of the Capital. The Scribe of course, has never been a role without need, pledging to ink and parchment all of the goings ons of the court during his tenure. The Arch-Sage will see to the mythical and magical needs of the King and his court, performing the grand ceremony of crown-passing through the ethereal hands of the previous king who has passed to their honored heir, passing in effect the direct rule from Ruler to Ruler.

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