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Engineer is one of the 7 crafting professions players can choose on FantasyRP. The main goal is to craft things that would require a lot of technical skill, such as crossbows or siege engines (ladder crates). This crafting profession is accessed through the anvil, under the engineering tab.

It has the ability to craft more technical items, such as crossbows, ladder crates, battering rams or refining meteorite chunks. These all have their respective cost and experience gains.


What are its perks?

As a crafting profession, the passive perks from crafting items is the option to get a salvage craft when crafting an Engineer related item. A salvage craft is where you can get a portion of your crafting components back.

Item List

Weaponry Ladder Crate, Battering Ram, Crossbow, Diving Helmet
Refining Redstone, Sulphur, Fish Oil, Flat Arrowhead, Tough String, Treated Hide, Blaze Powder
Other Gem Bag, Ingredient Bag, Herb Bag, Mining Stick, Hat Foundation, Gold Panning Bowl

Relations to Other Professions

Lumberjack: Tough string and fish oil are core ingredients in dragonwood bows and higher tier fishing rods. As well as treated dragonwood, which is used by Metalsmiths for high-end mithril weapons.

Stonemason: Meteorite chunks can be refined in to blaze-powder, which is then used by stonemasons to craft Mithril or Steel Ingots (as one of its ingredients)

Farming: Farmers can take usage of the ingredient and herb bags (which allow additional storage of herbs or food ingredients) which are created by engineers.

Mining: Miners can take usage of the gem bag (which allow additional storage of gems) which are created by engineers.