Emirate of Qantar

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The Emirate of Qantar
Capital: Qantar
Languages: Human
Demonym: Qantari
Religion: Various
Social System:
Emir: Zahir al-Saade



Emir: The Emir is the sovereign of Qantar, operating above all others in power. They oversee all operations and day to day interactions, taking advice from his Yusalim and Majilis.

Hand of Emir - Yusalim: The most powerful appointed position in the Emirate, second only to the Emir in authority and responsibility. The Hand is the King's closest advisor, appointed and authorized to make decisions in the King's name.

Privy Council - Majilis: Master of Laws - Qhad’ii (Grand Judge): Qhad’ii sits as the paramount judge in the government of Qantar, being the last resort in legal cases and in most governmental judicial decisions. The Qhad’ii’s decision may only be overturned by the Emir.

  • Master of Statecraft - Safyr (Diplomacy & Internal Affairs): Acting as the head of all foreign affairs, the Safyr oversees the many envoys sent to each nation, alliances, trade pacts, non-aggression clauses, and so forth. The Safyr is the second-highest of the Majilis - Ranking above the last two.
  • Master of Technology - E’alim (Head of Technology & Magic): The E’alim spearheads all technology and magic activity within Qantar. They are able to request funding from the Emir for the research division within the nation and are responsible for the development of such things within Qantar. They are the third-ranking member in Majilis.
  • Master of Finances - Aminat (Head Steward/Treasurer): The Aminat are the structural backbone of the nation, overseeing all housing and market purchases from within the nation. They act as head steward and financial conglomerate for the nation but are the lowest ranking member within the Majilis
  • Gentry - Hasal (Landed Titles or Knights): The Hasal are Muatin who have been acknowledged for their honorable deeds within Enarion. Upon the acknowledgment of their deeds, the Muatin is inducted as a Hasal, with either a ceremonial weapon or land deed accompanying their newly acquired title.



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