Earldom of Ynslee

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Earldom of Ynslee


Capital: Myrham
Languages: Human, Common Tongue
Demonym: Ynslan
Religion: Cult of The Five Divines
Government: Earldom
Earl: Richard of Myrfeld

The Earldom of Ynslee was a smally settled land holding situated on the northern reach of the Island of Ynslee. It was inherited by Richard of Myrfeld during the initial stages of Harold's Invasion in his claim for the throne of Rheynland. The land was loosely settled and mostly barren up until the rump state of Cynethrymm rose as a result of Queen Meredith’s ascension to the throne of Rheynland. The settlement grew rapidly as a result of the war and even contributed to the construction of Cyneburh, a largely fortified hill fort.

After the conclusion of Harold’s Invasion, the land was quickly settled by former soldiers who were now without a job or home. The peoples were a mix of both Wiccan and Norns mixed in with the local population. The Earldom of Ynslee quickly plummeted into irrelevance in the wake of Harold’s triumph which saw him decline the throne due to his ailing health, he chose Earl Richard as his successor and then departed from Enarion. Earl Richard inherited the Kingdom of Rheynland and her territories and subsequently used Harold’s former soldiers to annex lost territory including the Kingdom of Reyn and Valrond as well as helping to consolidate his control over Westholm and the Island of Ynslee. King Richard II organised his four kingdoms into one realm, the Kingdom of Calendale, made up of Calendale proper, Valrond, Ynslee and Reyn.