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Capital: Cyneburh
Languages: Human, Common Tongue
Demonym: Cyne
Religion: Cult of The Five Divines
Government: Military Horde
King: Harold Eadwineson

The nation of Cynethrymm came about as a rump state of the territory of Rheynland (formerly Westholm). The notion of Cynethrymm existing as a nation or state is put into question, as it primarily served as the invasion grounds for Harold’s Invasion of Rheynland in his claim for the throne. The island of Ynslee served as the capital of the army as its primary base of operations and helped to concentrate the Wiccan fleet along the coast. The nation worked more akin to that of a horde rather than a settled country. The peoples of Cynethrymm were unique as they were mostly soldiers and mercenaries, notably joined by the Ironfoot Company led by Thrain Ironfoot. The demographic of the soldiers were largely of Wiccan origin, but were also aided and later joined by Nornish knights and retainers. The organisational structure of the army was split up into four sections, the commander of the army, the generals of the army, knights and retainers and footmen as well as mercenary auxiliaries. King Harold served as the de facto commander in charge of the army, as it was raised by him in his claim for the throne, where he was joined by several human lords including the Earl of Ynslee who allowed Harold to establish a holding from which he could organise and plan his invasion of mainland Rheynland. The nation ceased to exist prior to King Harold’s victory over Queen Meredith in Harold’s Invasion. It was soon revealed that King Harold was dying from an illness inflicted prior to his campaign and so when King Merdarion withdrew the throne and ceded it to Harold he laid the crown upon Earl Richard’s head instead.


King Harold Alphraid de Retford Lidmann Cooke Earl Richard Thrain Ironfoot
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The newly settled land on the island of Ynslee serves as the staging grounds for the wiccan host and provides a sturdy fortification for the defence of their invasion. The hill fortress is designed in the traditional wiccan way, earth-shaped by hand and layered in a fashion by supporting wooden and stone-work foundations. The towering fortress stands as a testament of wiccan engineering and their ingenuity for stone-work and can be seen from across the ocean that separates Ynslee and the continent of Enarion. Upon the island of Ynslee stands the camp of Cyneburh. Founded during Harold’s Invasion, many veterans and swordsmen call this place home, sharing food and tales around the multitude of campfires. As time progressed and conflict stagnated, the campsite was soon replaced by a stone keep, leaving a permanent reminder of the military state led by King Harold.