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Cooking is one of the 7 crafting professions players can choose on FantasyRP. Their main goal is to produce a large assortment of foods that possess differing effects. This crafting profession is accessed through the cauldron.

It has the ability to craft foods, which when consumed grant specific effects. These all have their respective cost and experience gains.

What are its perks?

As a crafting profession, the passive perks from crafting items is the option to get a salvage craft when crafting an armoursmith related item. A salvage craft is where you can get a portion of your crafting components back.

Food Effects

Some of the foods that are created here, when consumed, will provide temporary buffs to the consumer. These take place as temporary, short length, potion effects - some foods are better than others and this is reflected with the price cost of them.

Item List

Drinks Cider, Absinthe, Wine, Vodka, Mead, Ale, Rue Tea, Yarrow Tea, Comfrey Tea, Maidenhair Tea, Celandine Tea, Agropyrum Tea, Condensed Coconut Milk
Breads & Cakes Flour, Heathen Cake, Veal Tart with Cream, Ember Day Tart, Rique-Manger, Tart of Beets, Baked Meat Royale, Mylates of Pork, Capon Pie, Baked Mallard, Fish Waffle, Salmon Pie, Mushroom Tart, Apple Tart, Strawberry Toast, Grape and Brie Flatbread, Strawberry Pie, Egg Custard Tart
Meats Alosed Beef, Filets in Galyntine, Cormarye, Fish Sausage, Meat Skewer
Soups & Stews Tofu, Bukkenade, Mawmeny, Cinnamon Soup, Custard, Vegetable Stew, Shroomite's Delight, Wild Greens, Noodles of Longevity, Ocean's Bounty, Tofu Stew
Rice Sushi, Fried Rice, Curry with Rice

Relation to Other Professions:

They make the final product, so there is no direct relation to other professions. It's foods can be consumed by anyone - so anyone can benefit from the foods crafted here.