Children of Itaos

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Children of Itaos

No man is above law, and no man is below it.
Languages: Various
Region: Worldwide
Scripture: Canticles of Faith
Head of Religion: Itaos, God of Moon, Law & Order

As children to one who is great, the worshippers of Itaos uphold the laws of the realm. Known for their willingness to fight crime, and to battle villains of age and old. Those crusaders and blessed strive for martyrdom to instill and uphold the faiths of Itaos. His followers are seen as shepherds and caretakers, and their ancient order is not followed by any set hierarchy. For in the eyes of Itaos, the freedom of man and woman is the greatest bond to maintaining balance, yet this freedom must be crushed by chains and whittled by boulders. It is the burden of mortals to suffer through the endless torment of human horror and exercised peril.

People bring evil. People fight evil. ​ Veneration of the moon is a crucial role to those who follow Itaos, as they believe the home of Itaos is the moon itself. An alternative name to the moon is ‘Carcerem’, by which means prison. It is the belief of his followers that those unable to be dealt with by the children of Itaos, be it that of evil magic or those too godly to thunder, are swiftly dealt with by Itaos and locked to eternal damnation within the depths of the moon - to be courted for their crimes against mortalkind. Cleped as Itaos, the Harbinger of Law, the deity is notorious for his strifes against otherworldly creatures. For us, the children of Itaos, he is seen as a hero. Bringer of Order and the caretaker of Carcerem - the moon - we are but servants to his cause, and may his lance of gold shatter through the firmaments of many realms in the name of justice. For the story of Itaos is great, and one who hears will desire to follow the stupendous will of Itaos.

The Story of Cyr the Devourer

It was yet another day, for Itaos remained seated on his sheening gold throne. Chains surrounded his mighty seat, and those same chains dwindled out towards the moon. For it was the duty of Itaos to drag the moon and bring nightfall, and it was also his desire to protect mortalkind. Hence, picking a throne that his gleaming sight could peer down from, allowing him to dissect the movements of criminals in the mortal realm. Though, it was not the duty of Itaos to end mortal strife, which was the duty of his children and those of the order of law, his worshippers.

Itaos had another duty, to act as a shield to the mortal plane. Slowly, the mighty harbinger of law stood. Moonlight sprinkled onto his magnanimous form, surrounded by pearly wings that sparkled as bright as the stars. To those mortals that looked up into the night sky, they only saw his wings - as the stars were his wings. Gripping his lance of gold, he lurched onwards and took flight - and with it - the moon was dragged forward as night befell Enarion once more. The moon halted before the sun, blocking its rays of light.

However, peace did not remain. Mortal solace ended with metaphysical peril, as an evil creature wandered the abyss. Slowly, the demonic appearance of numerous teeth crushed itself towards the side of the moon with a grievous shake. The creatures bound within Carcerum shrieked and croaked, and as the gape maw continued to pressure the rocky palace, a great cater formed onto the side of the moon. With this, the criminals maintained by Itaos in his prison - those of godly powers - escaped.

For one who advocates for martyrdom, Itaos rushed to the scene at first glance, his throne throbbing with disgust. To this, he took notice of Cyr the Devourer. His eldritch appearance shook the God of Law to his core, though not out of fear, but out of disgust. And so, the lance of Itaos struck the side of Cyr as his latched maw escaped the depths of the shattered moon. The battle between the two began.

The lance of Itaos - charged by moonlight - continued to shatter the form of Cyr. Mortals took notice of the moon, though it was not round, but crescent in shape from the crater. Many days pursued, and as the battle came to its last of ropes, the lance of Itaos slammed down before Cyr. Both the God of Moon, Law & Order and Cyr the Devourer took to the mortal plane in their fray, slowly crashing down before a steppe. The flames of destruction crippled nearby life, as trees sprayed in fire, split ravines formed, and the corpse of the mountainous demon lay in place.

“Fret not, ephemeral mortals. I have maintained law.” Itaos called out, the clouds parting from his austere words. All mortals stared at the night sky, and saw the crescent moon. They saw, and they worshipped. Thus, the Harbinger of Law took to the skies once more and returned to his mighty throne, as the corpse of Cyr brittled itself by nature and turned to stone, leaving but a mountain in its place.

Canticles of Faith

“Hail, Itaos. Harbinger of Law. Protector of Man. Claimer of Stars. King of the Moon.

Hail, Itaos. Judicator of Courts. Bringer of Order. Warrior of Good. Slayer of Demons.

Hail, Itaos. For one who is unable to do wrong, For one who is unable to do evil. For one who is unable to do crime.

Hail, Itaos! Hail, Itaos!”

Festival of the Full Moon

Upon the defeat of Cyr the Devourer, it was Itaos who corrected the cater and returned the moon - full and bright. For this, the children of Itaos celebrate on the days of a full moon. They celebrate, to remember the victory of Itaos against his strongest foe, and to remind the mortals of the day when they dodged planetary destruction. In most cases, this festival follows a short route, and is quite fluid in terms of participation.

You must first drink, to quench the thirst of Itaos upon his many days without it through his constant fray against Cyr.

You must eat food, to quench the hunger of Itaos upon his many days without it through his constant fray against Cyr.

You must praise Itaos, to show him respect for upholding the laws of the mortal realm and to show devotion to the cause.

You must provide offerings, for the gifts of his children pleases the moon god, and expresses familiar bonds. To give your father a precious item, would it not please him?

And lastly, you must bring order to a singular criminal. To uphold the law in the name of Itaos on the day of his court, and trail the footsteps of the moon god.


To be a murderer, is one who is but a demon, waiting to be killed. To be a thief, is one who is but a rat, waiting to be trapped. To be a cheater, is one who is but a snake, waiting to be caught. To be a traitor, is one who is but a roach, waiting to be crushed . And to all those above, is one waiting for cruel justice.