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The chat system on the server helps to provide as much help to immerse the players as possible - it will provide automatic features such as grammar checking, adding in punctuation and making emoting a lot easier.

Command List

Full list of chat commands: /settings, /ch list, /shout, /sooc, /s, /rp, /talk, /looc, /quiet, /q, /qooc, /whisper, /w, /wooc, /ooc, /join ooc, /leave ooc,


Channel Command Range
Yell / Shout /shout, /s 64 blocks
RP / Talk /rp, /talk 32 blocks
Quiet /quiet, /q 8 blocks
Whisper /whisper, /w 2 blocks


Channel Command Range
Out of Character /ooc global
Shout OOC /sooc 64 blocks
Local OOC /looc 32 blocks
Quiet OOC /qooc 8 blocks
Whisper OOC /wooc 2 blocks

Chat Formatting

The chat automatically formats, and posts messages in the best possible way that it can find - an example of this is the following:


Will turn into:


Players will have the ability to change their emote color on an account or soul basis.

If you wish to change your emote color on an account basis, this will set all of your souls to that emote color. This can be achieved through /settings, and navigating to the emote color button and then selecting one.


If you wish to change your emote color on a soul basis, this will only set the emote colour for individual souls. This can be achieved through /souls, right clicking on the soul you wish to edit and navigating to the emote color button and then selecting one.


Player Chat Focusing

There could be a limitless amount of situations where you are trying to roleplay with someone, but you are struggling to distinguish their chat from someone else's. This is where our focus feature comes in, it works very simply.​ You can add someone to your focus list with the command /focus add [IGN], remove with the command /focus remove [IGN]', or list the players on your focus list with /focus list.​

If a player is focused for you, their emotes and such will stand out more. Here is an example:

Without focus:


With focus:


As you can see, it puts a large [!] on both sides of the emote - allowing you to easily distinguish focused players from non focused players.

External Emotes

External emotes are ones that should not include your name, and are used for external descriptions usually. You can access these with the command /it [message], or by putting two **'s at the start of your message.


Will output:

Chat Appending

You can append, and stitch together, several emotes in chat. This functions by ending your emote with "--", this will not directly post the chat message you have typed out and instead will apply it to the start of the next emote you post. You can append or stitch together up to 3 different minecraft messages. ​

Here is an example.

"Halt right there!" the man would quickly beckon out, drawing his blade from his sheathe as he runs forward; the ground beneath him resonating soft thuds as his clad iron boots crash against it with the momentum carried --

from the user, "You have one chance to stop!" he calls out once more, sweat beginning to drip down his forehead as his breath begins to extinguish itself from the physical action he is currently putting his body through, --

however his endurance would attempt to maintain itself, until the end where he finally loses his chance to catch the runner and brings himself to a crashing halt, doubling over as he attempts to regain his breath.

If you type all of that out, in three different minecraft messages it will stitch it all together as one very long emote which bypasses the default character limit on minecraft messages:



Beyond the base of the chat plugin, you can also set a language for use in the plugin. This will scramble words to people who do not understand the language based on their fluency in that language. You can hover over the chat messages to view what language a player has spoken in if it is scrambled.


Every player will start with 100% fluency in common, meaning they can speak & listen to it freely. Then, players will start with 100% fluency in their racial language. If you get to 200% fluency then you may begin creating language books which people can learn from and increase their own fluency.



Joining & Leaving Chats

You can also leave channels with a simple command, for example - /leave ooc.​