Calendar of Enarion

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The calendar used in Enarion, created by Elves in the lore, differs from the real-world calendar in a few ways. In order to permit the passage of time in the roleplay world and allow for things to change, time passes much quicker than it does in the real world. The details are given in the table below, but the most important things to note are that a real life week is equal to a roleplay year, and that a real life day is equal to a roleplay month. In the roleplay calendar, there are 24 days in each month and 7 months in each year. Also note that each season (spring, summer, winter, and fall) lasts an entire roleplay year, and that each roleplay year is defined in roleplay by the moon making one full orbit around the planet.

IC Time OOC Time
1 Day 1 hour
1 Month 1 Day
1 Year 1 Week
1 Season 1 Week
1 Full cycle of the seasons 4 Weeks

At the start of the server, the year is set to 0 AC, “After Calamity.”

Additionally, each roleplay month corresponds to an IRL day of the week and has a name. They are listed below.

IC Month OOC Day
Season's Turn Sunday
First Moon Monday
Earthshine Tuesday
Midyear Wednesday
Blood Moon Thursday
Last Offering Friday
Eclipse Saturday