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Town of Bellemare


Kingdom: Independent Township
Languages: Common
Demonym: Bellemarian
Guild: Starlit Scholars
Government: Council
Leader: Alexia L'rhia
Intergrated into: RepublicOfValora.png Republic of Valora

The town of Bellemare was a research and college settlement that is located in the center of Enarion along the main road. It was founded in the year 5 A.C. by the Starlit Scholars.


The town was founded by the Starlit Scholars as a base of operations in order to research the mysteries of the world around them, including the Runes, Ruins, and Creatures that dot the land. Bellemare is currently a small village settled along the river, holding several houses, a tavern, and the main hall.


The settlement is filled with several races and languages, serving as a hub for the many different cultures to come and spread their intelligence and education. The Town of Bellemare prides itself on knowledge and education above all else, maintaining a refined atmosphere while still holding onto the pleasant feeling of a friendly village. People are often seen coming to and from Bellemare in order to spread their findings or settle down in a peaceful place, free of war and strife.


The council behind Bellemare, led by the founder, Alexia L'rhia, is set in place to make decisions that benefit the citizens of the town. This council of Scholars grants funding to researchers, helps them publish their findings and encourages any person of any race or age to settle in the city in order to be educated. Whether this is in the mystic arts or simply reading and writing, all information filters in and out of Bellemare.


The standing army of the town of Bellemare is known as the Legion of the White Owl.

Legionnaires are expected to be willing to learn many forms of combat, and listen to orders. They should be prepared to explore the world outside of their comfort zones, and willing to forge a bond of brotherhood and friendship with their brothers-in-arms. Men and women with, and without, military experience are welcomed to join to learn any form of martial combat that they wish as training will be provided to all soldiers.

This force itself is not one intended to create or start wars with kingdoms and nations, it’s only goal is to defend and serve Bellemare from dangers of all sorts, keeping the city and the citizens safe from destruction.

The owl stands for wisdom, regal silence, and fierce intelligence. Owls are great thinkers; they prefer to plan their strategies out instead of using brute force. This being said, members of the legion will be trained to think before they take action. Strategy is a key component to the combat used by the soldiers of The Great White Legion.


Commander-In-Chief: The Commander-In-Chief is the leader of the White Owl Legion, They are incharge of every ranking within the military and work hard to make sure every job is fulfilled. They plan training sessions, battle strategies, and give out duties to the men / women working under their command.

Second-Commander: The second-commander shares all the jobs of the Commander-In-Chief. He / she is incharge of any ranks below Second-Commander, as well as making sure the Commander-In-Chief has completed all of his or her duties. They are heavily leaned upon for support and planning by the Commander-In-Chief.

Commanding Officer | Junior Officer: This rank is reserved for those who have worked hard and have taken time to show dedication through training and their willingness to learn. They have learned and masters at least 2 forms of material combat and have passed a trial given to them by the Commander-In-Chief or the Second-Commander. They are now in-charge of a fleet of 3-5 Legionnaires & Recruits.

Legionnaire: They are full members of the army, they have learned to master at least one form of martial combat, and have passed a trial given to them by the Commander-In-Chief or the Second-Commander. They are given more privileges, and less duties when it comes to attending training.

Recruit: The newest members of the army, they have yet to master a form of martial combat, and are set to train under anything from the Commanding Officers and above. They have yet to pass any trials.