Basilica Cruor

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Basilica Cruor


Capital: Basilica
Languages: Common, Elven Tongue
Religion: Yaen
Government: Monarchy
King: Aeolus Velam
Queen: Luthera Velam
House: Velam

Basilica Cruor is a Kingdom founded in the far southern reaches of Zhul, nestled into a hot desert. The primary housing and activity appears to be within the Temple, underground where there is reprieve from the heat. Located next to the river Na'cha'suyu, boats and river-sports could be found along the shore.



The culture appears to be that of removed high-society, everything done up to be prim and fanciful. Specializing in wines and local fauna for the unique style of spicy foods. Primarily worshipping Yaen, the Father of Mercy, drake paraphilia adorns the walls and structures all over the area. Once inspired if not directly from the Lordship of Malstyria, this thriving Kingdom is hardened.