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Shire of Barwic
Country: Kingdom of Westholm
Status: Defunct
Founded: 15th of the Earthshine, 3AC
Population: ~300 (peak)
Languages: Common, Human Tongue
Demonym: Wiccan
Religion: Cult of The Five Divines
Social System: Peasant's Commune
Former Ealdors
Tom Shadow
Charles Aldstadt
Oswald Wright

Barwic is a town nestled on the River Aire. It is similarly placed on a trade route that runs from the north part of the continent to the south part of the continent. The Shire of Barwic was a bustling trade port with varying produce from barley, fish, various vegetables and meats from the open plains of which the cattle roam. Other than the town's rich produce it is known for being solely populated by peasants, ran by a council of reeves known as the town's council collectively. The town is tied in its allegiance to King Richard of Westholm who gave the peasants a charter for settlement of the lands and sponsored the construction of the town (then a village).​ The town is extremely welcoming to all who wish to work in paradise, a land with golden fields, rich fertile soil and bountiful rivers of fish.


Barwic was first constructed and settled as a village on the river and benefited from small-time maritime trade with the neighbouring realms. It was charted and built fully by peasant's and the lands rich fertile soil was cultivated and used to grow crops. In Barwic's early life it focused heavily on farming, fishing and grazing but ended up spiralling quickly into a trading monopoly. The peasants of Barwic were quick to their newly hard worked land into stuff of real value and the river which they had settled on saw many boats sail up and down trading with Tor Ascara and the recently settled lands of Vlachia.

The result of this economic boom and prosperity resulted in trade between Barwic and Vlachia primarily which saw quality timber being delivered north. The timber was used to reinforce the thatch buildings of the town with sturdier and more durable oak roofs that would see the prosperity of the town further grow. As a result of Barwic's quick and successful settlement, it has grown a lot of attraction and has become the number one spot for all races to live a peaceful farmers life.

Though this prosperity was not long lived. War against the undead horde raged on, and Barwic soon fell victim. The battle that took place in the town saw mass slaughter of the wiccans— although well equipped with silver weapons and reinforced by men of the Army of the Lion, they were no match for the overwhelming numbers of the undead. After the battle, Barwic was left in ruins, its population dwindling to a little over a couple dozen wiccans. The remaining people begin to leave, as they no longer saw Barwic as a comfortable place to live.

For years Barwic was inhabited by only a handful of wiccans, finally to give up as the announcement of the completion of Avengard came to ear. The Wiccans left for Rheynland, leaving behind their homes they fought so hard to protect.

The Town Council

The Reeves are the administrative and judicial executors of the town. They act in absence of the Ealdorman and form the ruling body of the town council. The position of reeve is appointed by the Ealdorman or by a majority vote from the town council and rule for life or until retirement.

The Wiccan Watch

The official guard force of Barwic, formed 21st of the Season’s Turn, 6AC. The watchmen's base of operations is located in the Bastion, which sits upon the hill that overlooks the town below. The Watch saw little success, disbanding as Barwic became defunct.

Notable Wiccans, Post Calamity

  • Osweald Wrytha of Barwic † (Oswald Wright), 1st Ealdorman of Barwic and 3rd Lord Marshal of Westholm​
  • Jeremiah Crawe †, Founder & Reeve of Barwic​
  • Godwine Wisnian †, Founder & Reeve of Barwic​
  • Ecgberht of the House of Radeclive † (Ecgbert Radcliffe), Founder & Reeve of Barwic and Knight of Westholm​
  • Lidmann Cooke †, Founder & Reeve of Barwic, 1st Captain of the Wiccan Watch​, Founder & Hero of Calendale
  • William Selewine †, Founder & Reeve of Barwic​
  • Cearl Ealdburh †, (Charles Aldstdat ) 2nd Ealdorman of Barwic and Head Ranger of the Oakleaf Watch​
  • Tom of the House of Sceadu (Tom Shadow), 4th Ealdorman of Barwic, Head Ranger of the Oakleaf Watch and Former Knight of Westholm​
  • Finn Mór, Reeve of Barwic​
  • Lora of Barwic, 3rd Ealdorman of Barwic​
  • Luc of Barwic † (Lucas), Priest of Barwic