Barony of Grimmwald

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Barony of Grimmwald
Languages: Common, Human Tongue
Demonym: Waldrians
Religion: Cult of The Five Divines
Social System: Feudalism
Baron: Karl von Mannhardt
Departed From: KingdomofWestholm.png Kingdom of Calendale

The Barony of Grimmwald was established by Karl von Mannhardt and the Waldrians, who originated from the Kingdom of Calendale in 68 AC.


The Barony of Grimmwald is situated on the isle of Ynslee, which is located off the western shores of Enarion. It is notable for being the landing sight of the first human settlers on the continent. For this reason, it was a place of special importance to the myriad human kingdoms before the Calamity. Despite its cultural significance, however, the island was sparsely inhabited and the pre-Calamity Kingdom of Ynslee was known as a poor backwater.