Azure Keep

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Azure Keep
Landscape: River, Grasslands
Cardinal Direction: Centre
Before the Calamity, the Azure Keep’s blue-shingled towers could be seen from most parts of the Eyrdale. The castle served as the headquarters for the Order of the Candle, a prestigious group of scholars and mages. In a former time, the castle’s insides were filled with ancient and secret knowledge of the many workings of the world and beyond. Now lying in rubble, it merely functions as a geographical landmark, marking the center of Enarion. When the Calamity came to Enarion, it encroached on the continent from all sides in a great circle. Taking the form of a magic storm, it swept across the land over a series of several weeks. The Calamity destroyed everything in its path, and one by one the kingdoms of Enarion fell. The livable frontier rapidly closed around the centre of the continent, and refugees flooded into the Azure Keep. Eventually, the Calamity swept over the Azure Keep too. In a last-ditch effort, the mages of the castle cast an experimental and dangerous spell to open a portal to another realm. The spell worked, but the magic involved was deadly, and every mage present perished in order to keep the portal open long enough for the surviving people of Enarion to flee. This very spot, at the top of the Azure Keep, is where the portal was opened. And it was thanks to the sacrifice of those ancient mages that our ancestors survived the Calamity.