Artisan Guild

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Artisan Guild
Guild Information
Location: Avengard, Kingdom of Rheynland
Founders: Altria Melromarc & Aleksei

The Artisan guild of Rheynland is a guild association of professional craftsmen and artisans seeking to perfect their craft. The guild aims to bind all craftsmen and traders of steel, stone and wood into one fellowship in order to balance the economy and together strive in progress of their arts.


The guild was founded in the year 12AC. by Altria Melromarc, a master of her craft and the most proficient at forging Iron, Steel and even Mithril, and Aleksei, a master engineer and miner, rumoured to be the most accomplished at finding ore veins in the mines of Enarion. The guild began in the Kingdom of Westholm where the demand for iron and steel arms and tools was high and seemingly never-ending. To compensate for such a high demand the forgemaster Altria sought to unify the master craftsmen of Westholm into one united guild for greater efficiency. A year later during the reformation of the Kingdom of Westholm into the modern nornish Kingdom of Rheynland, the guild of artisans purchased a guild property and established their guildhall, launching their enterprise into a new era.


Master: The masters of the guild are the most praised of their craft, they’ve spent their whole lives perfecting their craft and reaching such greatness in the wielding of their tools that some would call it an art. The masters also function as the administrators and leaders of the guild, and together they form the council which manages their enterprise.

Journeyman: The journeymen are skilled craftsmen who have passed their apprenticeship under a master. The Journeyman artisan will spend their time studying to perfect and reach mastery of their craft. The journeymen will venture around Enarion for two to five years, selling their services in foreign settlements while seeking the secrets of the craft in order to reach mastery. At the completion of their journey they may take the final trial to become a master.

Apprentice: The apprentices are the novices of the guild, the new craftsmen who’ve yet to prove any significance in their craft. To become an apprentice one must pay membership fee of 5 gold, after which most apprentices will have a Master, or in some cases a Journeyman as their mentor who will tutor the Apprentice in return for assistance and work in the guild.

Labourman: The labourmen of the guild are the workers of the guild who lack full membership. They are hired for tasks of gathering materials or guarding the guild’s members and enterprises.

Guild Code

The Artisan Guild follows strict guidelines for members. These are:

Never harm, cheat or scorn a member of the guild.

Never harm, steal or waste the property of the guild.

Never challenge or disobey a master of the guild.

Never deceit, con or counterfeit among other artisans.