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Armoursmith is one of the 7 crafting professions players can choose on FantasyRP. The main goal is to craft armours and protections to help equip the defence of yourself or allies. This crafting profession is accessed through the anvil, under the armoursmithing tab.

It has the ability to craft armour, shields and horse armour. These all have their respective cost and experience gains.


What are its perks?

As a crafting profession, the passive perks from crafting items is the option to get a salvage craft when crafting an armoursmith related item. A salvage craft is where you can get a portion of your crafting components back.

As well as this, items have the chance to get a specific enchant on them:

  • Protection
  • Projectile Protection
  • Unbreaking

The rate of increase (up until level 100) for the chance of getting an enchant on a crafted item:


Item List

Armour Chainmail Armour, Iron Armour, Steel Armour, Mithril Armour
Other Iron Barding, Gold Barding, Mithril Barding, Iron Buckler

Relations to Other Professions:

As a profession that craft "the final product", they take ingredients from other professions to craft items that can be used by players for combat.

Mining: Miners provide ores and metals (such as Iron) which can be used to craft Iron Armour.

Stonemason: Stonemasons refine metals such as Steel, or Mithril, which can be used to craft Steel or Mithril Armour.