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Alchemist is one of the 7 crafting professions players can choose on FantasyRP. Their main goal is to craft things to enhance users ability through the usage of potions. This crafting profession is accessed through the brewing stand.

It has the ability to potions, salves and dyes. These all have their respective cost and experience gains.

What are its perk?

As a crafting profession, the passive perks from crafting items is the option to get a salvage craft when crafting an Alchemist related item. A salvage craft is where you can get a portion of your crafting components back.

As well as this, potions have a chance to be crafted at a greater level. A greater potion has increased effects compared to its normal counterpart.


The rate of increase (up until level 100) for the chance of getting a greater potion.


Item List

Potions Draught of Vigor, Philter of Volitancy, Ironhide Brew, Vivifying Elixir, Smoke Bomb, Wildfire, Anodyne Essence, Potion of Celerity, Radiant Brew, Gillyweed
Other Venom Vial, Every Dye

Relations to Other Professions

Woodworking: They can create venom vials which are used by woodworkers to create poison arrows.

All Gathering Professions: All gathering professions have chances to drop varying herbs, which are the key crafting components for potions.