Wu Chuntao

Dec 19, 2020
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Art done by Trudnovata


"Youth is fleeting, enjoy what you have while you have it." Spoken to Kaira Hallowsby.



Name: Wu Chuntao
Age: 57
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Voice: [x]

Physical Description:
Chuntao is an aging woman standing at 5'0" with an average build, though it could be noted that perhaps in her youth she had a more defined shape. She has a good amount of muscle for her age due to her life's passion of molding metal and making various weapons. Chuntao has chocolate eyes and hair to match, her long hair usually kept into two twin buns at the upper back of her head. She has straight cut bangs that frame her face nicely, though if one were to look closely they would see that half of Chuntao's face is slightly discolored in an old scar that had long since healed and faded. Chuntao can usually be seen wearing a hanfu, but on occasions she'll wear an updated adventure outfit similar to the one from her youth, which is a loose fitting shirt and pants with a pair of trusty goggles on the top of her head. Chuntao usually has a sour look on her face, as if she has smelled something foul.


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"You're an idiot, I hope you know that."
Spoken to Kevi Hallowsby-Rekyian.

Personality Description:
Chuntao is quite the hard nut to crack, as she is really quite crabby. Even in her youth, she was quite the hateful woman to others, including friends which earned her a lot of tough situations. Chuntao in her younger days used to be all about business, mining and providing goods for coin. She does have a softer side to her family members though, but won't hesitate to speak up and voice her opinion if she sees fit. Chuntao is good at heart, but she has a hard time expressing her emotions in ways that properly convey that, so most people would usually write her off as an aging bully. She does in fact have an extremely short temper, that is quite easy to trigger. And boy oh boy.. She's a handful when that happens...

Alignment: Chaotic Good
Stats & Inventory:
1 Brimming Boba
Pork Rations
Mining Pickaxe
1 Extra Sharp Ironsword
1 Standard Ironsword

Positive Traits:

-Hard working

Negative Traits:

-Short tempered
-Closed off with emotion
-Joint problems from years of mining work

Current Nation: Heiyeong
Chuntao aims to spread her knowledge of weapons invention to at least some of her clan members and apprentices, hoping to keep the Wu family tradition alive before she dies. She mainly hopes however to live a peaceful life in Heiyeong, where her clan is slowly coming back together from Yeong-Guo. She also aims to be a positive influence on Kaira Hallowsby.

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Kevi Hallowsby-Rekyian: ♡♡♡♡♡
"I've missed you.. Why didn't you come see me?"
Kevi is like a sister to Chuntao, she's been her best friend since she was nineteen. She holds Kevi in high regards, as she has been on many, many adventures with her. Chuntao would likely lay her life down for her first and best friend, as they grew up together practically. Recently though, Kevi has made a bit of a disappearance in Chuntao's life, and it eats away at the aging woman as Kevi is her level-headed rock.

Kaira Hallowsby: ♡♡♡♡
"She's got potential, even more than I had... I'm sure in due time her adventures will make mine look like a cake walk."
Kaira has been around Chuntao since she was a baby, up until her toddler stages when Chuntao hid herself away after a harrowing experience in which she needed time to heal. Recently back in contact with Kaira, Chuntao has taken her under her wing to train her up to be a fine adventurer. Chuntao has high hopes for Kaira, seeing the next generation of adventurers in her. She's made Chuntao proud, though she wonders if she'll ever be able to break through her tough shell.

Kine Lidomast: ♡♡♡♡
"Join the Combine...? I'm not sure..."

Kine is someone Chuntao looks up to, and has for a long time. She grew this respect for Kine during their various times fighting beasts together, seeing her as an intellectual person and a quick thinker. In her older age, Chuntao misses Kine along with the other members of the Combine, as she hasn't seen them in quite a long time. She wonders if Kine is still alive, along with the others.

Qui Minsheng: ♡♡♡♡

"The Wu clan will do their part for the village..."

Minsheng is a person Chuntao feels immense loyalty to, as she's the leader of her people from Yeon-guo. She respects everything Minsheng does for Heiyeong, and is proud to do anything to aid in the growth of Heiyeong under her watch. She hopes to do good by her and her family.

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Jul 23, 2020
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