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Oct 15, 2020
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Table of content
  1. Introduction - An introduction to wolfwalkers.
  2. Description - A description on the physical capabilities of wolfwalkers.
  3. Weaknesses - Known weaknesses of wolfwalkers.
  4. Severance - A brief premise on severing the blessing.
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I. Introduction -
Blessed by the Patron of Wolves, those bestowed with the gift of shapeshifting find themselves with a power not held by simple mortals. Wolfwalkers, as they have been dubbed to the rest of society, exist in every nook and cranny of the realm. They reside among society like any other, yet with the gift of something more: shapeshifting. Able to shift into the form of a wolf, wolfwalkers thrive on the thrill of the hunt. Evkarik has given them a power that isn’t so simply achieved unless their devotion is proven. For those seeking the blessing, a shrine awaits for their call.

To those who stumble across it and complete the Trials of Evkarik, the blessing of the wolves lies in wait.

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Art by GibiLynx
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II. Description -
Wolfwalkers are blessed with the ability to shapeshift into a wolf. This power can be used once a month, but after shapeshifting the wolfwalker is stuck in wolf-form until they successfully hunt, kill, and consume the raw flesh of a person or an animal. After feasting upon raw flesh, the wolfwalker may return to their mortal form.
Physical Description:
While in their wolf form, wolfwalkers appear similar to normal wolves but larger. Their skin is blanched by thick fur, the coats of which can vary depending on the person. Normally, the eye-hue of a wolfwalker is similar to the ones prior to their transformation. Yet besides this, wolfwalkers bear a bitter-strong jaw, on top of a long and blunt muzzle. Within their maw, the teeth of a wolfwalker is as sharp as swords, and as strong as iron. This makes them better-suited for hunting, and crushing bones of other canids and passive creatures.
The capabilities of a wolfwalker that are worthy of mention are…
  • Strong sense of smell
  • Enhanced eyesight and the ability to see in the dark
  • Heightened agility
  • Ability to communicate with other wolves
  • Prowess and strength of a wolf
  • Regeneration of wounds after feasting on raw flesh and returning to mortal form
  • Wolfwalkers do not age while in wolf-form
Note: Wolfwalkers shapeshift into the form of a large wolf, not a man-wolf hybrid. The wolf form, while large and strong, is not giant-sized and could still be mistaken for a normal wolf.
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III. Weaknesses -
Monkshood/Wolfsbane- Monkshood, also known as wolfsbane, is a rare flowering herb, identifiable by its hooded blue flowers. Monkshood is very poisonous, and is sometimes used by hunters to poison bait. In low doses it can dull the senses against pain, but also induces sluggishness and drowsiness. Monkshood is occasionally found in mountainous regions. However, it holds a stronger effect on wolfwalkers: it will ruin their senses (smell, sight, hearing) even in mortal form. While in their wolf form, ingesting or getting wolfsbane in the blood causes the wolfwalker to be forcibly turned back into their mortal form and knocked unconscious.
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IV. Severance -
Detachment - As the spirit who provides the blessing, the Patron of Wolves is able to revoke their blessings at will -- tethering the link between Evkarik and the blessed individual. Severance is a grueling procedure, feeling your blessed strength part from your mortal body and returning to the Patron of Wolves. Fortunately, Evkarik will oblige if one requests to have their shapeshifting ability revoked. Yet he will not warmly welcome back someone who has spurned the gift he has entrusted upon them once the revocation has been done.
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