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Dec 13, 2020
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Esma of Myrfeld
Cult Of Aurora

Table Of contents
1: Introduction: An introduction to the Cult of Aurora
2: Beliefs: the religion and beliefs of the Cult of Aurora
3: Schools of Witchcraft: Each form of Witchcraft that can be learned
4: Weaknesses: Known weaknesses
5: The Trial of Aurora


On another continent, After the return of Aurora and her husband Mortimer after their honeymoon, he mysteriously dies of a heart attack leaving Aurora a Widow and with all of his money; strangely though she sold their house and everything they owned before moving to live in Enarion wilds. Many years passed with no sign of her. Finally, new residents moved into her old home and found disturbing features inside: Candles, bones, dust, and writings all over the walls. The local guards saw this as demonic magic and sent the Army after her, but due to the years that passed they saw that finding her was impossible and the search ceased

The Cult of Aurora is a group of female wizards whose intentions can either be pure or vile. They are known for using illusions, dark magic, and necromancy to pursue their goals, They are considered to be Petrifying and dangerous


The witches have created a strict and traditional religion that each of them follows to the line. They believe that after Aurora died, her body burned, but her spirit and powers passed to the Twisting Nether and only a Human sacrifice can bring her back into the body of another woman, with all her initial powers. Aurora has gained the title of Goddess to the witches and Patron Mother to the Woods, she has her altars which can be identified as a star with a weird symbol around it.

The witches worship the spirits of their fallen sisters and the existence of another soul-like world from which they channel their energies from. A witch's ranks can be seen based on their belief system, when a witch has knowledge on all the schools of witchcraft she is considered Venerable or Mother. Lesser novices are considered spawn or Initiates, depending on their knowledge. When a witch dies of natural causes or Forced death, a ritual must be done, a tree must be marked with the name of the fallen witch and symbolize her soul must rest there for eternity until summoned once again

Schools of Witchcraft

Alchemy: creations of potions, poisons, and viles
Illusions: Ability to make your victim see an alternate reality, something not true
Dark/ Shadow magic: Ability to curse, lower your esteem, cause nightmares and damage the person from the inside
Necromancy: Ability to raise the dead, cure the dead, and bind them to your will. The witches have gained an ally who introduced this form of magic to the cult.

( OOC, note: each ability takes up two turns, Incantation and then ability. All magic except for necromancy is mind tricks used to mess with a person's head )


If you block out the witches Incantations, her abilities such as Illusions, causing nightmares or mental damage cannot be used against you

Trials of Aurora

All the witches are dedicated to their cause and would live and die to cause panic and death to others. They are contacted in the means of the Ostara or a ritual that calls the witches, Hearing the whispers and incantations of the summoner in the woods. This ritual can only be performed by a woman or a man with a good enough reason to join the cult, the summoner must be alone in the woods with the moon at its highest. When the witches reach them, they must provide a reason to join and drink their sacred vile. With this, they become one with the cult and are welcomed as a family member, with the ability to learn of their arts.
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