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Jan 22, 2020
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War System
As a preface to the war system, it is worth noting that the premise of it is to tie together a whole cohort of the servers plugins to create a fun, fair and mostly automated system - without any bias being able to affect the direction of a war in any way. That being said, the system is likely to receive updates and changes to accommodate to the player base after it has been tested

I. General Rules
II. War Costs & Goals
III. Mechanical Battle
Example Battle
V. Roleplay Scenarios

Attacker = The nation that is declaring war.
Defender = The nation that has a war declared on them.
Influence = A nation's currency which is gained every week.
Diplomatic Pacts = Agreements set up between nations using the “Diplomacy” section of the nation plugin.
Alliance Pact = An alliance where they can join their ally in wars.
War = The entire process that encompasses two nations battling it out for a specific goal.
War Battle (or Mechanical Battle) = The large-scale fight that takes place on the war server, victor of this decides whether or not the final outcome is achieved.
Raid = A fight that takes place on the main server using the “raid system”, it is announced an hour before-hand.
Capital = The main piece of land you have alongside your nation that increases size as you increase nation tier.
Fort = A piece of land purchased through the nation store (/n store) that is a 50x50 plot nearby to your capital region.
Roleplay Scenario = A way to gain points that contribute towards the war battle through entirely roleplay means.

General Rules
Declaring War
There are multiple steps to declaring a war:
1. This form should be filled in and submitted, you must fill out all of the required fields.
2. Once this is accepted, you will then be required to make a public roleplay post on the forums - a formal declaration of war.
3. A war declaration is launched through the plugin, this is done through the "Diplomacy" menu in the nation plugin.

Once a war declaration has occurred, no more nations may join this battle apart from the initial eligible ones. Rules regarding pacts & eligibility may be found here.

Once a war declaration has occurred, the physical war battle on the war server will take place after a two week mustering period as long as a battle post is put up within that period.

There will be a number of checks to make sure that a user can participate in the war battle.
1. For someone to participate in the war battle, they have to have been in a legible nation (participating nation) at the time of the war declaration (players marked with the new player tag are excluded from this check).
2. For someone to partake in organized conflict (raid, or war battle), then they need to have at least 3 hours of playtime during the week (on the soul that is within that nation) preceding the organized conflict.

Further checks that tie in to these systems to prevent people wrongfully participating:
New players cannot run "/pvpopt" command to skip their PvP timer anymore. They must play the full duration of time to partake in conflict on the server. This helps reinforce that check number 1 is more effective.

If a player is inactive for over 30 days, then they are removed from their nation automatically. This helps reinforce that check number 1 is more effective.

AFK Hours are removed from any relevant timers. This helps reinforce that check number 2 is more effective.

Nation Leader Kills
If two nations are at war, and a nation leader of one of the involved sides is captured and then subsequently executed - then they can be subject to an enforced perma-kill on their character if the nation who executed them pay a 80 influence fee. Roleplay around this is expected to be to a good quality, and an Administrator should be called over at the earliest convenience to witness the event.

War Costs
Nations who are declaring war (attackers) must pay the initial fee pertaining to their war goal, as well as paying for the participation of any vassal-nations they might possess.

The direct nation who is being declared war on (defenders) has no direct cost - its participation, as well as any vassals it may have, is free. If they wish to push their own war goal, they may and that will have an initial fee related to pushing that war goal.

Otherwise, nations who wish to fight in the war battle must have a relevant diplomatic pact (alliance pact) with one of the nations and must pay a fee of 30 influence to join the war battle on the war server.

War Goals

If the declaring nation is victorious, the losing nation will be forced underneath the other through a mechanical vassalage pact; this means that half of the vassals influence will go towards their overlord.​
Victory Conditions: >80% of total points from capture points.​
Cost: 90 Influence

Conquest of Fort
If the declaring nation is victorious, the losing nation will have the predetermined fort conquested and shall lose control of it to the victorious nation.
Victory Conditions: >70% of total points from capture points, and the capture point of the fort you wish to conquer has to be captured at the end.
Cost: 70 Influence
Mine Capture
If the declaring nation is victorious, the losing nation will lose their lock ownership of their mines to the victorious nation.​
Victory Conditions: >50% of total points from capture points, and the capture point of the mine you wish to capture has to be captured at the end (in this War, the target-mine will also have a capture point as well).
Cost: 50 Influence

Destruction of Fort
If the declaring nation is victorious, the losing nation will have the predetermined fort destroyed and it's region deleted. If the losing nation wishes to rebuild their fort, they will once again have to pay the initial fort creation fee.​
Victory Conditions: >60% of total points from capture points, and the capture point of the fort you wish to destroy has to be captured at the end.​
Cost: 40 Influence

If the declaring nation is victorious, they will break free of their vassalage pact from the losing nation.
Victory Conditions: >50% of total points from capture points.
Cost: 20 Influence, if the Rebellion is lost then they will lose an additional 20 Influence.
Internal Rebellion
This type of war goal follows a more sophisticated set of rules.
This requires at least fifteen unique souls of a pre-existing nation to split off (with adequate reasoning) while pledging their backing towards a figure of note in their original nation (council member, royalty, owning a fort region, birth-claim etc.) then they can activate this war goal.

We will use two definitions of nations here:
Original Nation - The nation that the group is rebelling or splintering off from
Splinter Nation - The temporary nation created by the rebelling group.

Note: The Splinter Nation will still be upheld to usual nation requirements (such as activity quotas), but will start with one raid token.

If this war goal is activated, they will receive a temporary nation (hereby referred to as a splinter nation) - in which it must be placed within the vicinity of their host nation (for Administration discretion, but cannot be placed on the other side of the map for example). The original and the splinter nations will both be in a state of war and then follow the usual war rules -- with the reward for the splinter nation coming out victorious being the fact their nation will no longer be a temporary nation, but a permanent nation. If they lose the war, the splinter nation will be deleted and their land razed.

Victory Conditions: >50% of total points from capture points.
Cost: 0 Influence

Mechanical Battle
Mechanical Battle
The Mechanical Battle will consist of a battlefield that includes a portion of the map that possesses all of the relevant participant nations within. This map cannot be edited once pasted in, and any excessive late additions (such as entire new builds/rebuilds) to their build (in preparation of the war) will be removed.

There are basic mechanics that apply to all battles, these include:

  • Each participant nation will have a relevant capture point within their capital region.
  • Each fort, if a nation owns any, will have a capture point within the fort's region.
  • Only members of eligible nations may join the war battle.
  • A war battle will last for a period of 80 minutes, the ownership of each capture point will be recorded at this time.
  • Players will have a total of three respawns during the period (every 20 minutes, respawn waves will last for 5 minutes), and will have access to a single chest of storage to place any loot within.
For the mechanics that apply for victory conditions, there are two paths a war battle can have a claimed victor:
  • If one side has wiped the other out before the 80 minute mark.
  • If at the 80 minute mark, the fight is still ongoing then it shall be based on if they have met their specific war-goals victory conditions.
Capture Points
As referenced earlier, capture points will be in every relevant fort, or capital region. When controlled, a capture point will:

  • Every 10 seconds, a capture point will generate a set amount of points. This set amount of points will be determined before the war battle, it will be based on the formula: (initial capture point total/100). e.g. If one side brings 10 capture points in to the war battle, then each of those capture points will generate 10 points every 10 seconds. If the other side brings 2 capture points in to the war battle, then those will generate 50 points every 10 seconds.
  • If a capture point is contested but not uncaptured, it will generate half the amount of points.
Capture Points will follow a “King of the Hill” style capture system. If a team is knocked off of the point then it will instantly reset back to 0% if uncaptured, or 100% if captured.

A capture point will, if controlled by another team, have to be uncaptured from 100% control → 0% control, and then have to be captured from 0% control → 100% control for your side. Each process takes 100 seconds by default, if no one is defending the point - if someone is defending the point then it will stop the capturing process and freeze it at its current percent. This process will increase the more people on the point, reaching a minimum of 50 seconds per process if over 10 people are present on the capture point.

The Map, Tactics & Example
As referenced earlier, the map will be big enough to host all participating nations on it. This means that the war-map could include a large portion of the actual map, giving players a large amount of space to plan tactics, move around etc.

The whole premise of this war-system is that it is very open, and not just two blobs colliding into each other, but actually requires you to split up and employ certain tactics.

Example War (IMPORTANT):
In this example, we will put some random numbers in place - lets say Westholm (the defender) had a rally of 50 soldiers, while Tor Ascara (the attacker) had a rally of 60 soldiers. Neither had any allies, but both had one fort region each.

For the Capture Points, both sides have brought two (fort and Capital), so every capture point on the map will generate 50 points every 10 seconds for the team that holds them.

Take this as the map, the insides of the circle would be the battlefield (what would be included in the war server). So, from first glance you can see that the battlefield is large and this provides a lot of opportunity for flanks, scouting, tactical maneuvers etc. As well as this, both sides have two capture points, meaning attacking and defending is key.

Although I have not drawn the potential Tor Ascaran forces on the map, you could expect something similar but mirrored (a defending force, one or two flanking/scouting forces and the main attacking force). As it is beneficial to split up your forces like this as you will need to know where enemies are, defend your own points, attack other points etc.

This set up makes the battlefield and the war itself much more dynamic, when the main Westholm force attacks the Ascaran capital, will all your forces rotate to help defend the capital or will they split up and try attack the two Westholm regions instead? Every tactical play here would help change the outcome.

The fact that you can attack AND defend, no matter which side you’re on provides a lot in terms of tactics.

In this system, there should be ways other than PvP to lead to your victory. While roleplay can be prevalent as a precursor to war (recruiting allies, diplomatic relations etc) - there will be a greater involvement of roleplay and CRP specifically to help towards your war efforts. These will take place in the face of roleplay scenarios - roleplay scenarios are listed below and will be CRP enforced combat.

A scenario must be initiated through approval from the Administration, or Moderators involved in the running of the war. Only one may be attempted per 48 hours. As well as this, these roleplay scenarios can only be attempted if there are above 60 players online on the server and the time is between noon --> 8pm est (the same time frame as raids).

For any of the below scenarios, unless otherwise stated, the maximum amount that can be brought is six players.

Preparing War Camp/Trenches/Traps (1000 points)
A nation can establish war camps or improve existing war camps in preparation of coming war. These war camps will help provide a nation’s troops the ability to organize themselves into the frontier. However, these war camps may be sabotaged if not defended.
Redlines: A minimum of fifteen players are needed to establish a war camp. They must bring a set amount of resources to their designated area - can be constructed outside of the nation region in a 35 x 35 plot of land.

20 stacks of wool = 4 tents - minimum 5 emotes per tent)
32 stacks of logs = Wooden palisade - minimum 20 emotes)

  • War camps are temporary and can be sabotaged or destroyed during the war.
  • War camps will be automatically removed after the war’s conclusion

Sabotage Enemy Supply Lines/Routes (800 points)
A nation can choose to sabotage enemy supply lines or expected routes. This can be accomplished by entering an enemy war camp and destroying at least 25% of the camp’s infrastructure.

Redlines: A minimum of one player is needed to sabotage an enemy supply line. Five emotes will be equivalent to 5 percent of camp destruction. Therefore, a minimum of twenty-five (25) emotes are needed. These emotes can be split amongst the party.

Poisoning Enemy Water supply (300 points)
A nation can choose to send spies to an enemy’s capital to poison an established water supply. If successful, these spies will be able to sicken the enemy population. If there are no established water supplies accessible by the public, one will be made.
Redlines: A minimum of one player is needed to poison an enemy water supply. They must prepare a suitable concoction prior to the sabotage in order to succeed.

Razing Enemy Farms (500 points)
A nation can choose to send a band of soldiers to raze another nation’s farms. If successful, the nation’s targeted farmland will be converted into coarse dirt as their populace suffer a shortage of food. If a nation has no farmland, then a nation can choose to raze another nation’s tavern to achieve a similar effect. All confrontations will default to combat roleplay and cannot be elevated to pvp default regardless of any default.

Redlines: A minimum of twenty emotes is required. The emotes can be split amongst the party.

Flag Planting (250 points)
A nation can choose to send spies into enemy territory (city, fort or war camp) to set up their nation’s flag from within.
Redlines: The flag must be placed as high as possible, in an elevated position - i.e on top of a castle. The spy may use any roleplay means to achieve their goals such as using roleplay ropes to scale the walls or roleplay locks.

Issue of Challenge (1500 points)
A nation’s champion can challenge a warring nation’s champion to a duel.
Redlines: Combat is to be locked once it begins - until there is a victor, this has to be consensual and agreed from both sides.

What are the points used for?
To clarify, these accumulated points will be provided to the respective sides at the start of the final war battle -- where points will then be accumulated through the usual way (capture points, as mentioned previously).
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