Jun 7, 2020
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Culture of Vetroy-Zapad



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Though unified, the cultures of the two groups are starkly different. The Vetrii are a race of leaders, diplomats, merchants, and negotiators. They are creative, brimming with passion, and are completely cutthroat in their ascent to power. Most Vetrii are polite, well mannered, and speak with a light accent (whether this is to differentiate them from the rest of humanity or simply a leftover of the original Baz language is undetermined.)

As for the Zapat peoples, they are nearly opposite. While still also polite, they are often more direct and blunt with their words, opting to not beat around the bush when addressing an important issue. Their stoic nature and monotone words often give foreigners the idea that they are nothing more but dumb brutes, however, this is far from the case. They are a highly refined and equally important part of the biracial society of Vetroy-Zapad. They most often take up roles that require an analytical mind and a hardened soul, such as soldiering or inventing. Many creations are built by Zapat hands with the ideas overheard from Vetrii mouths.


And yet it’d be wrong to claim these two groups are completely different from one another. For example, money is everything within their society. Both Zapat and Vetrii alike share an unabiding hunger for coins. In the culture of Vetroy-Zapad, money is not only one’s material value, but the social and spiritual value is well. The richest of the rich are regarded almost with reverence, while the poorest of the poor are seen as an invisible class- a great failure in the eyes of their equals.

Their main exports are limited to porcelain related products, as well as a variety of other luxury goods created by their hands. Raw resources are not the main staple of Vetroy-Zapad’s economy. They do however make up for this in their entrepreneurial savvy, implementing complex and wide-reaching economic plans that allow for the vast wealth of their people to be kept by themselves and themselves alone.

The most obvious sign of this is the Vetroy-Zapad Corporation, the nationalized corporation that owns all businesses and regulates them in accordance with guild laws. Through it, the nation as a whole operates in an economy controlled by the state, allowing for influxes of money to be given to the government in times of need, and helps regulate inflation of goods.


Vetrii and Zapat once had a complete language known as Baz, though as centuries of intermingling with different peoples as a trade empire they had more or less become accustomed to speaking in common. Today, the original language has been reduced to a variety of words, most being slang terms used exclusively by the ethnic groups.

“Dejuki” - Thank you.
“Ano” - Yes.
“Ney” - No.
“Dukat” - Foreigner, often used in a slanderous or demeaning context.
“Kur” - A derogatory way to address people.
“Prokol” - A sword.
“Rytlr” - A helmet.
“Cetat” - Waylander, often used for foreigners in a friendly context.
“Neni Zac” - You're welcome.
“Fena” - Shop / Marketplace/ Storefront.
“Strat” - A vague unit of measurement, usually used for describing long distances.
“Concet” - Council
“Concur(a)” - Councilman/woman
“Stary” - Old
“Novy” - New
“Estvo” - Authority
“Astire” - A long time ago, usually used in the context of 1-10 years.

Naming Conventions

Depending on the ethnic group, there are foreign ways these people name themselves.

Exclusive to Vetrii is a unique naming system. Though it may seem daunting, at its core Vetrii names simply require a little context to fully understand. They name themselves with the first two letters of their father’s name, followed by the last name, which usually never exceeds 6 characters, averaging four. Then, the ‘first’ name one would address the person in casual conversation. So in Vetrii society, if your father’s common name was ‘Antony Fallon’ and he had a son called Johan, the formal Vetrii name would be “An-Fallon Johan”.

For the Zapat, it’s even easier to understand. At birth, they are granted a normal common name same as most others in Enarion. However, upon the age of 16, they are to change a singular vowel of their first name, symbolizing their maturity and teaching them about hard decisions and how to handle them. Many Zapat spend their entire youth trying to figure out a name, as they may not change it later. For example, if a child is born and given the name “Joan Miller”, once said child reaches sixteen they must change a vowel in their name. This can be any vowel. So Joan Miller could change into “Jaan Miller”, “Jion Miller,” so on and so forth.


Though already gone over previously, it is important to distinguish what the people wear, what they find attractive and appealing. For the Vetrii it is color, having lavish and extravagant garments studded with gold and metal are a staple. They also are a fan of triangles, often preferring sharp shapes over ruffles or feathers.

The Zapat enjoy fine clothing as well but prefer to blend in with their surroundings more than standing out. Duller hued clothes with less boisterous elements are preferred over loud and obnoxious Vetrii wear. Long coats are in style, with any Zapat man being incomplete without their overcoat.

One universal facet of fashion is a lack of dresses in Vetrii-Zapat culture. Women who wear dresses are often looked on with bewilderment and disgust. While this disgust is well hidden for foreigners, Vetrii or Zapat women would be best to avoid such things. The only proper wear is pants, shorts, or pants with something worn over it. The exact origin of this is unknown, but it is theorized that this probably stemmed from a universal work ethic back when these folk were still in their tribal phase.


Credits to @TryaxReck for the post


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