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Nov 6, 2020
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The Dwarves are one of the three main races on FantasyRP. They differ greatly from Humans & Elves in both physical appearance and culture. The Dwarves have taken to the northern mountains of Enarion, formerly settled within the Kingdom of Ordheim and now scattered about the realm. Dwarves are believed to be the first settlers of Enarion, tracing back as far as the Age of Stone. Roleplaying as a Dwarf gives the player a very unique and fun experience, and I would recommend trying a Dwarf to every member at least once.

Physical Attributes


Dwarves are of course known for their short height and stout figures. Dwarves range from 4-5 feet tall, averaging at about 4'6" tall. They are often times built bulky and often times muscly. The trademark signature of a Dwarf is the beard they grow - a mark of pride for every Dwarf. Hair color can range from black, brown, blonde, and fiery red-orange. Another unique marking of a Dwarf is their large noses, giving them quite the funny look.



Dwarves are a very tight-knit community, both RPly and off the server. In a roleplay sense, the Dwarves have faced numerous challenges that threatened the existence of their people & culture. Therefore, it's to be expected many Dwarves look out for each other and have tight bonds of loyalty. Many Dwarves associate within a clan, which can either be a family of Dwarves or an alliance of Dwarves who come from differing blood.

Notable Clans:

The Bronzebeard Clan
The Bronzebeard Clan is the Clan of famous figures like
Thorsten Bronzebeard and Skippy Bronzebeard. It is also the ruling Clan of the last existing dwarven Kingdom - Hazduun.
They are known throughout Enarion for being mighty warriors and tough drinkers!


The Steelcog Clan
The Steelcogs are the great engineers of Hazduun - creating strange and advanced technologies for the dwarven realm. Their head quarters are within the city of Hazduun.


The Bloodaxe Clan
The Bloodaxe Clan is the Clan of famous figures like
Ubbe Bloodaxe and Vakre Bloodaxe - they are known for their mystic knowledge in matters of lore, religion and sorcery. Their headquartes are within lower Hazduun, Emerald Ravine #8.


The Ilhamkhayate
The Ilhamkhayate is an organization of clanless dwarves who seek their long lost ancestry on the sea and the newly discovered Zhul. Their headquarters are within Huskara, a western vassal of Hazduun.


The way Dwarves speak is through very strong accents, some for example could be Scottish / Irish / Nordic. Part of the fun of being a Dwarf is being able to conjure up crazy dialogue that will have others stumbling to understand you fully.

"Oi, 'ello t'ere me friend! Foine weathah in de mountains todeh, eh? Ah see yer gittin' readeh fer a minin' trip, moind if ah accompaneh yeh?"

"Git out ov meh face ye snotteh nosed Umri, guh moind yer own business before ah sink me axe intuh yer gut!"

"Bah, ah dunnae undahstand de Elraz. T'ey hug t'eir trees all day, pretend ta speak wit' nature, an' act loike it is all normal! Tis not normal, ah dunnae trust t'em folk, nae un bit."

Dwarves take honor very seriously, and within Dwarven society it is important to back up your honor. Should someone insult you or anyone you consider an ally, typically a Dwarf would take great offense. Some may hold grudges for a severe amount of time, others may try and get revenge through duels or outright fighting. Befriending a Dwarf can lead to a long lasting friendship, and angering a Dwarf could lead to a quick downfall.

Another thing that Dwarves take very seriously is taverns and feasts. Dwarves do not reserve feasts to special occasions - they can and often feast for any reason at all! Despite their smaller proportions, many Dwarves can handle much more alcohol than normal, which leads to multiple days long feasts sometimes. It is popular in Dwarven culture to go on a hunt to gather fresh meats and to feast immediately upon return. Another Dwarven tradition is a test of endurance when it comes to drinking, by hosting drinking contests. Entrants are put against each other in a bracket, where they drink until the other faints and eventually a champion is crowned.

While smaller than the other two races, Dwarves value strength highly and are known as fierce warriors. It is popular in Dwarven culture to duel, whether it be a bare hand brawl or a clash of steel. Every few years, the Dwarven people will hold a tournament of might to determine the strongest Dwarf in the lands. This contest is exclusive to Dwarves, and many associate honor with this tournament.

Dwarves are not only known for barbaric activities, in fact Dwarves are renowned for their artisan skills. Blacksmithing, stonemasonry, and jewelry crafting are very popular professions among the Dwarven people due to their abundance of ore and gems. Many of the finest weapons are forged by Dwarves, and can fetch a pretty penny at any Bazaar. Artisanry is so valued in Dwarven society that often times guilds will be built around these activities in which the majority of Dwarves join to hone their skills.


The majority of the Dwarven populace resides within the Kaz-az-Hazduun, translated it means "Kingdom of the Great Hall". Their discord can be found here!
Their current goal is to recover the other dwarven holds across the north, lead by our Kazadun Skippy Bronzebeard! [ @skippy369 ]
Contact the following players, if you wish to settle within our welcoming community!

Kazadun Skippy Bronzebeard - Skippy#1354
Stiweardun Ginelle Heavyfall - Mikamekaze#3042
Crazdun Redwin Steelcog- overlord8000#0292
Halakrath Keno Hakanuna - KordoL#8376
Thurazral Regar Thundereye - Meeow#1762


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