To A Bright Future


Jun 14, 2020
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Klaus Monroe
Upon day breaking across the 14th of the Eclipse, 27 AC, a courier draped in royal sapphire blue with trims of gold and silver approached the palace of Calendale. A sealed envelope waxed with the Monroe crest would be taken up towards the court hall as the messenger swiftly departed. Upon opening its contents, the missive would be written with neat, professional penmanship, ink still faintly fresh as if recently written;
King Richard II, and King Richard II's court,

As a sense of formality, the Monroes have peacefully left the region and have plans on settling themselves elsewhere. With ongoing current affairs in the now deemed Kingdom of Calendale, the Monroe household has been considering its course for several days now. Through private discussions amongst my kin and Aelfwine, I have settled my mind. I hold no ill tidings against the land I have called home, nor against those that now reside within it, but my household can not flourish with this new environment. We are a family that stands for both nation and people; not one concept gains an advantage over the other. This conflict that we had endured was cast as a shadow behind our backs, and as such, we will not go against our sanctioned morals.

During the last court hearing, there was one phrase that I carried as I packed my study's belongings; to a bright future. King Richard II spoke of this as he praised a sense of enduring peace within our human populace and settlements. Should I hold a single miracle of a wish in this realm, it would be the genuine truth of such words. The elven settlements have shown unification amidst their newly formed empire whilst we shed blood amongst each other. Put simply, I expect this notion to be taken with diligence and poise - we as a people are capable of such ability.

Our lodge has been cleared and alongside it, the Sanctuary of Scholars as well. I still hold the Sanctuary's initiative for education amongst our people, but I will not have it hosted within Calendale - that answer is still waiting to be discovered. Until then, I grant you access towards this shell for whatever you deem fit. Whatever purpose it serves, I only hope you use it with reason. Whatever the future strides towards, hold this in mind;

May we walk to a bright future. For as the Monroes believe - United we stand, Divided we fall.
Lord Klaus Monroe
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May 12, 2020
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Ælfwine lowered his head upon receiving the news, muttering under his breath "Peace be upon you and your house Lord Monroe, I know your disillusionment with Meredith troubled you so, you are always welcome in our kingdom should you desire to return."


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