The Xyrthyran Workshop


Oct 1, 2020
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The Xyrthyran Workshop

[!] As the citizens of Rheynland walked throughout the busy center street of their city, they could likely see a particular half-breed at work within a recently built workshop, boasting a simple name. ‘The Xyrthyran Workshop’. He would pump the bellows of his forge, embers sparking to life within its stone embrace as heat began to swell, a tamed inferno soon coming to life for the smith to work with once again. A practiced, gentle dance it was, the lifting of his hammer, striking metals that were so hot they glowed with the power of the sun. Sparks, embers, shavings of metal flying free with each paced strike of the determined worker. When the man was away from his forge, he would hide away within his shop. Sawdust, paints, and linseed painting the floors of his workspace, hard at work to create trinkets, bows, and jewelry out of wood. Luna, a light haired elfess would work tirelessly at her tailoring bench to work together outfits fit for both nobility and the common folk alike. The sound of creation often coming from the humble store. Jorrick Avenue One, a previously slumbering house, now alight and alive once more.

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[!] Along the notice board of Rheynland, and other cities, a simple piece of parchment would be nailed along the wood.
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As for OOC information. I'd like to keep it short and sweet. As stated before the shop is now open at Jorrick Avenue 1, the first house on the left side of the main street, beside the bakery.
For clarification on custom commissions, I'd like to keep interaction entirely based off of RP, but add me on discord, Gaelic#2009 to discuss finer details. With every commission, I'd like a reference image. Prices will be discussed within each commission.
I will literally make whatever you want
bro, if you want a 20 line described spoon I'll do it. A pipe, a bow, a fishing rod, a sword, bow, literally whatever. Get creative with what you want and make it your own, the beauty of custom descriptions is only drawn by your imagination! And the.. twenty line limit... We're all here to have fun! Get something unique!
I also can do Smithing Rp if that is something that interests you!
Finally, some references of quality for both the skins you can expect, and custom descriptions you can expect, thanks fellas! ALL CREDIT FOR THE SKINS GO TO ANGELACT, obviously she will be helping with my project.
Further credit to Zinalily for helping with the build, Dantory for hooking me up with that custom parchment paper, and everyone else for being disgustingly supportive.



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