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Jul 10, 2020
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Ohtlinam | "Finder of Paths"| Pathfinder

For as long as the Velnar has existed in Zhul, there have always been those who sought exploration above comfort.
The Pathfinder, once just a casual title given to wayfaring loner nomads, has always been of value to their culture.
From knowing routes through hazardous terrain to the weaknesses of Zhul's more aggressive beasts and creatures,
or being some of the first to respond to a cry for aid, they have always been a popular, but rather unknown, folk hero.

Now, in the dawning of a new age, under Head Chief Quinn's guidance, he seeks to formalize the role as an official

branch in Nexian forces, wishing to make the title that of honor and prestige. After consultation with many of the more
remote groups of Velnar, from their wisemen to their elders, Quinn saw fit to make the announcement official.

Upon the board of Nex, there exists writing in his iconic purple paint and elegant calligraphic Velnari, written bold and

clear to each passing citizen of the humble, quiet town.

Ask about the Pathfinders.
Ask how to join them.
Prepare for the trials.
Welcome to the beginning of something new for Nex! Here is a brief summary OOCly of what a Pathfinder is, their duties, their trials, and some snippets of information pertaining to them!

Pathfinders are a new creation aimed toward a more cooperative and explorative narrative within Zhul itself, focusing on interacting with fellow players and E.T for new and exciting events that will be introduced in the future! Pathfinders are an All Clan creation, meaning that they serve no specific deity, but individual members are encouraged to practice their religious methods whilst acting as a Pathfinder.

Pathfinders are a section of the Tletl Warriors, acting as elite scouting/skirmishing parties capable of acting alone or in small groups. Becoming a Pathfinder means that either a Velnar is already heavily knowledgeable of the lands of Zhul and the history of its creatures and creations, or wish to become an apprentice to such methods and learn them.

Their duties: Pathfinders are a Quick Reaction Force (QRF) that are some of the first to be directed to scout or react to threats to Nex and its allies or other hazards of Zhul. Pathfinders will also be responsible for cooperating with out-of-land allies non-native to the area and acting as escorts. Scholars and researchers wish to explore Zhul as much as we do, and it will be a Pathfinder's duty to make sure they get to their destination accurately and safely.

The trials: Velnar who wish to become Pathfinders will have to complete a set of trials to prove their ability to join them. Whilst not every Velnar is capable of knowing every range of mountains and span of lowlands, basic navigational skills and navigating via the stars and landmarks ICly will be critical for their skillset. A Trial of Travel will be the method of this task, where a Velnar will be told to journey to a location and return. Knowing the various dangerous flora and fauna of Zhul is also critical to the Pathfinder's success, and each Pathfinder will be required to hunt at least one dangerous game animal and prove that they can defeat dangerous adversaries and protect their allies, this will be the Trial of The Hunt. The final trial will be a spar between two participating Velnar, observed by peers and Quinn himself, to evaluate the combat skills of the Pathfinder trialees and if they are worthy; this is the Trial of Twins.

Pathfinders are an equal-opportunity group, allowing Velnar of any background, orientation, or physical ability to attempt the trials.
However, the Pathfinders are a VELNAR EXCLUSIVE group.

Pathfinders take an Oath of Withholding, meaning they shall not share critical information with anyone, not even fellow Pathfinders.


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