The Vassals of the Hydragyrum: The Ranks of Pedagogues and the Fifteen Laws.


Sep 27, 2020
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The Vassals of the



Code of Piety
As the far, unrecalled ancestors of the Park Familia did eons ago, those who bare this sacred name must tend to the land’s pools of youth; Hydrargyrum. As we know, the pools for as long as our kind has been able to fathom has granted our family prosperity, fortune, youthfulness of spirit and wellness of body- this is in return for our dedication to the maintenance of these pools.

The pools form in conjunction with the love and piety we offer the sacred plains; with such tradition, we may keep these pools flowing eternally for the next of our young. It is important that our clan have a union of pious elders, priests and youths, so that the traditions may be practiced in full dedication without interruption with the new modernity of transition.

If the traditions are mishandled, defied and piety broken in malicious demeanor- consequences loom over the clan’s entirety. With the solidification of our pools comes to end of our great lineage. It is in hopes of spreading our teachings, our festivities, maintenance and traditions that we perserve the fashion of worship performed for generations by our clan.


The Rankings of Pedagogue.


The commons: In this pious vassal, anyone practicing is put under the term of a ‘Shinshoku’. Pedagogues and citizens alike are given this title, however, Shinshoku is the predominant title for anyone practicing the religious subset, but not an educator or councilmen. Think of it like being a Christian, but not a Priest / Religious figure.


Daihyung-oo: The Matriarch

The Daihyung-oo of the Vassals is always a woman, as similar to many sino-religious practices, the aspect of motherhood is in symbolism with piety and stability. The Daihyung-oo is a Dai-yo, who has proven herself in her dedication, her wit and her pride to ensure the absolute stability of the religious subset/ Park education and the family alike. Unlike priestesses in many different religions and subsets of such, gentleness is a frowned upon trait for a Daihyung-oo; as they are the guardians of the ‘mind’ they are expected to be didactic, strict and uncompromising. Daihyung-oo swear an oath of maternal passivity, the oath within the Vassility promising unwavering pacifism unless the safety of the family is being directly challenged. Daihyung-oo who betray their vows are to commit suicide by ‘seppuku’. The women remain in this position until ‘spiritual or physical death’, meaning they die or become too mentally deficient (ill, incapable or depressed) to proceed.

Honorific: Daihyung-oo Park Ji-a OR Hanyo Park Ji-a

Yunji-oo: The PATRIARCH
The High priests are in charge of the domestic matters of the vassals, maintaining a balance within the private spheres of the community such as the wellbeing of children, the vulnerable and the practicing of festivities. Contrary to the Daihyung-oo, the Yunji-oo are expected to be docile and gentle figures to the cult members, as they are responsible for the ‘heart’ of the cult. Yunji-oo swear the oath of parental passivity, and if betray their vows, commit suicide by live burial, or in many cases, can give up their priesthood and return to the status of ‘shinshoku’.

Honorific: Yunji-oo Park Ji-ho OR Hanyo Park Ji-a

(Only the Hyu-ji, the Dai-yo, the Tao-Hua alongside the Yunji-oo and Daihyung-oo themselves can use the ‘Hanyo’ suffix. It means ‘overseer of laws’, and as such, may only be used by the elders / jurisdictive party. This is excluded in court situations.)

Daimu-ung / Yuimee-unn: THE TEACHERS/ PEDAGOGUES

Priests and Priestess in this category are responsible for maintenance of the ‘spirit’. The duties of these priests are wide in range, but tend to be that of teachers, artists, scholars and caretakers. These individuals receive a suffix which determines their level and their hierarchy to be the next group of Yunji-oo or, for Daimu-ung; to be the next Daihyung-oo. This group of people do not have to make oaths of passivity.

(For the examples, we’ll just use the name ‘Park Ji-a’ and ‘Park Ji-ho’)

YUIMEE-UNN (Senior to Novice)


The most senior of Yuimee-Unn / male elders, this group contains the Yunji-oo candidates.
Example of honorific: Hyu-Ji Park Ji-ho

The middle sector of the Yuimee-un; this forms the male section of the council/teachers of the vassals. These are what you would consider elders.
Example of honorific: Un-ji Park Ji-ho

The novice sector of the Yuimee-un, they have just converted from ‘shinshoku’ and are undergoing their studies. They are students and can vote within meetings and for leaders but hold minimal office.
Example of honorific: Ji Park Ji-ho
DAIMU-UNG (Senior to Novice)


The woman of the ‘Tao-hua’ chosen to replace the Daihyung-oo. This is decided as a vote amongst the entirety of the Shinshoku. Example of Honorific: Dai-yo Park Ji-a

The most senior of Daimu-ung / female elders. This group contains the candidates for the Dai-yo/Daihyung-oo as well as organize the subset of upkeepers that help the Daihyung-oo; the Meiyong-yo.
Example of honorific: Tao-Hua Park Ji-a

The novice sector of the Daimu-ung, they have just converted from ‘shinshoku’ and are undergoing their studies. They are students and can vote within meetings and for leaders but hold minimal office.
Example of honorific: Hua Park Ji-a


Meiyong-yo are pious women who oversee the key aspect of the vassals, the pool of Hydrargyrum. They are the most senior of Clergywomen and are close to the Daihyung-oo and Yunji-oo. Meiyong-yo have a power of veto, where they can shut down a legislation within the subset, and it cannot be discussed until the subsequent council meeting. As the attendants of the Hydrargyrum pool, the Meiyong-you must swear an oath of UNWAVERING PASSIVITY, this is to ensure the pool is not tainted by those who may have shed blood or hold rageful spirits.

Honorific: Meiyong-Yo Park Ji-a

LEI-YO: Protectors

Unlike the Meiyong-yo, the Lei-yo are NOT men that are a part of the Yuimee-un sect, they are Shinshoku who have chosen an oath of protection rather than faith. Due to the nature of the Meiyong-yo’s vow of peace, Lei-yo are entrusted to protect the Meiyong-yo from all potential harm.

Honorific: Lei-Yo Park Ji-ho




The Laws of Piety
Social Laws
It is decreed unlawful to the heart if:

  1. If one maintains grudges or vengeful passion towards an individual if the offence committed was temporary with limited consequence:
    -This however does not mean be loose and incautious, however, remembrance of wronging must be separate and exclude anger and hatred.
  2. If one cheats, deceives or in other way toils and manipulates the sacred nature of love and connection.
  3. If one displays unprovoked hostility towards a stranger.
  4. If one is to display rambunctious and disrespectful behavior within the public sphere. The sacred balance of noise is vital to maintenance of the Earth’s heart, and to pollute the spaces of tranquility with empty loudness pervades the way of the heartland.
  5. One is to hold themselves with humbleness, no matter wealth or status, one must treat every individual like royalty.

Physical Laws
It is decreed unlawful to the spirit if:

  1. One is to wear clothes unfit for an occasion- the body shall reflect the mind. Humble, black garbs are worn for all periods of grief, festive dress only when stated. Humbleness is a state of mind and physicality.
  2. One is to apply ointments of possessing and unholy properties in order to cure the fate of Earth.
  3. If one is to harm another as a mean to easy victory.
  4. If one is to act in aggression towards those of vulnerable nature- the ill, the priests, the pregnant, the young.
  5. If one is to incite violence in sacred grounds; ie. Teahouses, Temples, Homes of the elderly or the religious.

Intellectual Laws
It is decreed unlawful to the mind if:

  1. One is to preach thoughts which incite hate, eradication or conspiracy to the meek and the vulnerable.
  2. If one is to utter evil upon their family, their nation and the pious.
  3. If one is to attempt to use deceiving and coy words in attempts to lure one towards piety and promise that otherwise would not be made.
  4. If one speaks, thinks or approaches the wife or husband of another with romantic connotations
  5. If one embarks on a lifestyle and mentality of laziness, drunkenness and deceit.

Pedagogues and Shinshoku alike must be flexible, and share no hesitation in the potential of an addition, subtraction or adjustment to the law. Time changes, and such is the way the Earth decreed it.




As i share with thee the ancient ways of maintenance, i hope understanding, revival and celebration of the old Park teachings may become of this publicity of a once sacred, private tradition.
Hanyo Park Myung-Dae

Belles here: Just wish to clarify that the post will be updated with mentions of the Vassals stories, members, festivals etc. However, IRP, the secrecy of the sacred education will change gradually. I ask for your patience. ALSO; This is an extension on the current Heiyeong Religion, and applies to the Park clan and other followers- they do not have their own Gods, but rather its a fashion of belief and an education system. ALSO GIANT THANKS TO VOXY!!!!! MOST OF THIS STUFF WAS HIS THINKING AND PLANNING! <3
PPS: This is my first proper post ik the formatting the big bad dont cyberbully me :(
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