The Undead Pig


Nov 6, 2020
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Keno Istoricaric, 27 AC
It was sunny. The sun smiled against my skin, a healing feeling indeed. The streets were empty, everyone was busy today. I was too, for I was leaving Hollowburn to sell my produce in Valora and hopefully find new knowledge to be archived in the name of Ruya. It essentially was an ordinary day, I did not happen to see my friend Lorenzo however, not much out of the ordinary for me, but I took his mule anyway.

The road to Valora was empty and dirty, but it did not bother me for I was sitting atop the mule, reading a map on its neck, double checking if I was going into the direction of Valora. That is when I heard an uncanny moan to the right amidst the wild bushes. I told myself the henbane tea was too strong again and looked back into the map, when a boar like cry came from the same direction. When I turned towards the source of it, it already had pushed me of the mule and the screams of the mule could be heard. My back towards the happenings, towards the screams of pain and the howls of fighting, I stood up and took my blade tightly into my hand. I jumped up and looked behind me, blood painting the ground and a dead mule staring at my boots. Upon it, a rotting man, with the pink skin tone of a pig would groan loud. A lot of its body was exposed to the bone: brown and full of small cracks. the remaining flesh either decaying or carrying white fungus. Then it turned to me. There was only half a face to describe, the other one was simply a human skull with an odd looking snout of an boar. Its jaw has half detached and it gave off vague groans similiar to breathing.

It struck me wrong that the Undead would still kill prey, so I assumed it to be a agnostic undead, described in the famous book "Souls, Undeath and Advanced Necromancy" I read once. After it has finished its meal, it tried to stroll towards me when it struck me: If I just let it follow me without it touching me, I could imprison this Undead for further study!". So I did as I planned and it worked. After coming to Hollowburn, fellow members of the our Ummah helped me imprison it into a hole with glass on top of it.

The first few days of its imprisonment show that it favours red mushrooms and only moves upon seeing visual inputs usually it would encounter in the wild, proving that this is an agnostic dead and therefore only reacting upon instinct. It only moves when food is given, it seems to not leave any waste behind nor does it require much sleep, however it constantly groans which he assume to believe it is breathing.

Praise the Memory, for we shall soon attempt experiments on this certain undead which was given the name of "Billy" by Archivist Hemlock Sundew!



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